Welcome to my little space!

My name is Theresa, and I have so many nicknames, but fondly most of my friends call me Twisa or Tessa. My nickname Twisa came from a Starbucks cup once when I ordered coffee, sent a pic of the cup (and name) and the name to my friend for the laughs, and a new nickname was funnily coined. Tessa has been my longest going nickname so far, it’s almost 10 years. Crazy, but most of my closest friends call me Tessa. In my blog, I’ll just be writing T.


To let you all know more about me, crafting is something really close to my heart. I love using my hands to create handmade, squishy, fibery goodness for my friends and family to enjoy. I can’t really say what it is about working with yarns: If it is the lovely yarns, the wonderful colors or if it is just the joy of crafting that have kept me loyal to both knitting and crochet through all these years. With confidence I can say it has been a journey for my creativity and also for my family. They have seen and followed my adventures trying different techniques and projects and watched me grow creatively and me being more confident. There is a first for everything, so I believe that with crafting one can never be too late to learn!

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Reflecting back on my life, I have always been creative somehow, singing, playing piano, even did some drama in school, a keen book reader, and being fondly interested in art (even went to art school) since my young years. So perhaps maybe the love of handicrafts was a natural step for me considering all my hobbies and interests?



I started to learn crochet when I was a little girl, and our family just moved to Sweden. You see, we used to live in the Philippines, I was actually born there. My mom was really into crochet a lot and she taught me. This passion for handicrafts and just being creative has been with me ever since then, which today has been a great blessing.


So to go back to today, I have lived in Ireland for almost 9 years now together with my Norwegian husband and our son W, he is 10 years old. Of course we can’t forget our little staffy dog Odin too! We live on a little apartment block just on top of a big hill in a quaint little village close to Dublin.

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I hope you find some happiness in reading about my life and my creative journey 🙂

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Lots of love,