Growing ideas

I have so many creative ideas right now. My head is literally working overtime to catch up with creative things and ideas that are just popping up. It would be nice to knit more, crochet more, design some things, dye yarn.. Little by little I feel things growing, evolving, changing. Oh. I am a mom, IT professional and devoted wife too. Phew. I wish I could be at two places at one time knitting on the couch watching some awesome show or hangout with friends, drinking something warm and comforting, and on the other hand be in the office, or even cleaning and folding laundry at the same time. Some people call that madness, I call it multi tasking! Nothing a cuppa wouldn’t sort out right?

Speaking about madness I dove straight into a new shawl; This crazy knitting bug is not subsiding just yet! I wish it would so I wouldn’t leave my crochet yarn all in a sad little corner sulking and giving me that accusing stare. However, did I mention how much I’ve missed knitting shawls? It’s just so fun and addictive? And also I get to play with some lovely, squishy gorgeous yarns. I do really am this yarn snob I thought was left behind years and years ago with less money.  What can one do. I really am, Yarn and the Girl.

Touchstone -12

I fell in love with the Touchstone shawl, a free lovely pattern I found skimming through Ravelry just a few days ago. Once my lovely Malabrigo Arroyo yarn arrived in the mail there was no end to my yarn squishing, hugging and just plain adoring this Pocion shade.
As the yarn was being winded to little yarn cakes the colors I saw made me think of the scales of fish glimmering in the water swimming about.. but Pocion actually means potion in Spanish and not fish. However, this yarn is simply magical and just.. soft. I can’t stop knitting it! The colors just meld together creating epic lengths or colors and shades that is such a feast for ones eyes. Yarn love anyone?

Touchstone -13

Touchstone -8

Touchstone -10

I was first afraid when I saw the colors. “Will this work on a shawl? It won’t look busy?”
Once the stitches were on the needles it just took off. I feel like I have to keep on knitting now, to see the entire story of colors unfold. What a lovely thing this is, it was the right yarn at first sight! Now, what knitter does not love that feeling?

Touchstone -11

Touchstone -7

On this photo above, you can see a lot of blues on the top rows; Actually more blues than the other previous rows. When I ordered the two skeins of this yarn, there were no dyelots. There is a significant difference of the shades. This second skein is more blues with small speckles of red and explains that sudden color change. On this shawl it wasn’t a game changer however for you folks that want to buy similar yarn for a bigger project and want a consistent flow of colors avoiding drastic changes, perhaps trying to get the entire batch for the project from the same dyelot or try alternating rows to ensure consistency might help? I can’t stop looking at the color change this new second skein brought upon this shawl cause it looks like a different yarn but still it’s the same, the labels were the same and the shades used are the same in both skeins. (I double checked just to be sure).  None the less, it still looks lovely. I quite like this sudden difference. I also have a Prussia Blue skein for the last bit of this shawl. Nice contrasting color with a lovely break to “calm” it down a bit. Do you love Malabrigo yarns as much as I do?

Touchstone -1

So for crocheting.. low and behold my Ginto blanket. I call it Ginto because in Tagalog ginto means gold. And lately I’ve really fallen head over heels over everything rust, gold and warm, burnt shades. It’s funny how my color favorites vary so much depending on my mood and the season.  I had some balls of gold in a box after rummaging about in my yarn stash and I started slowly on this little baby. The current progress you see is after 3 weeks of now and then crocheting a few rows here and there when I needed a break from the knitting. It’s a lovely stitch pattern. I would say I call this a shell stitch or open shell stitch I was inspired to do after looking into some Pinterest and some vintage crochet books. It’s easy to remember, not much counting or technical thinking is needed. It’s just trebles, stitches and it goes over and over again. This stitch pattern might not be as complicated or advanced but I enjoy the thought of this yarn and this lovely stitch together. It looks cozy and it feels like something I would cuddle up with on a cool Summer’s eve on our patio. It feels warm, soothing and just happy.

Ginto Blanket-4

Ginto Blanket-2

Ginto Blanket-5

Right now, this gold color reminds me of this heatwave that is in Ireland right now. It is foreseen some hot weather for the coming weeks and I am slowly melting away in this Summer sun..

Lots of love,

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