In the meanwhile..

The weeks just keep passing us by in our small home on the hill.
Hours turns to days, days turn into weeks and surely one would expect that things would slow down. Alas, it is not! It is this steady pace of days just going by, and to be honest sometimes for me it’s just a bit too fast. I still need to breathe. In an ode to contemplation, I’ve recently started meditation. Meditation is soothing, but complex. I find it hard to come to terms to not thinking of anything and letting go of things in my head that simply does not matter.

Also, I’ve been so blissfully happy to have gotten this bunch of flowers at my local grocery store. No fancy flower shops for me. Sometimes the little joys are what keeps us a float during a whirlwind day. Not only do they look amazingly happy these flowers, they also remind me that the days are lighter and that the nights are not as dark anymore. Spring is approaching slowly but surely into our gardens and our skies with the sweet chirping of birds and the lighter and brighter mornings. I have a spring in my step when I wake up in the mornings, and I face the day with the thought of longing for those warmer afternoons and cups of tea outside in our little patio even more as the days pass me by, longing of soft quiet mornings, the smell of cut freshly cut grass and lilacs in bloom. Spring is such a poetic season to me, as it is a season renewed with the romance of the flowers, blossoms and trees that bloom and grow.

Daffodils and flowers-2

So as I show you all my beautiful progress over the past few weeks, keep in mind that I’ve been super busy at work and at home. I do not intend on actually speeding my creative process to have something to show for you all. I do find that lately on social media a lot of people feel the pressure to craft faster, crochet more stitches per minute, to produce for the sake of it. I craft for the love of crafting and it is a shame from my point of view that crafting for the sake of crafting is not enough anymore, there needs to be an accomplishment or “showing off”. This is not a competition people, please understand that crafting should be soothing and something positive, not “I can’t do more x amount of stitches per minute, why am I so slow?” statements. Breathe, think about why you are crafting and let everything else go, or else you are going to turn into a little sweatshop before you know and instead of looking forward to crafting it  just might turn you off from crocheting or knitting. However you knit, crochet or how you hold your yarn does not matter, it’s how crocheting or knitting that makes you feel that truly matters! If you do 10 or 200 stitches per minute does not matter. We all want to create beautiful projects to share and give away. But once it stops being the joy of crafting to a must and you’re under pressure to just produce. Where is the fun in that?

Daffodils and flowers-4

Daffodils and flowers-3
Do you see that painting at the back? That painting was made by my hubby’s maternal grandma in 1976. We were gifted this beautiful creation by my mom in law just before the wedding.

Last dance on the beach - Week 4-3

Look at the waves of week 4 for my Last dance in the beach blanket. I’ve already created the batch of 4 squares. I do love how it looks, the waves being imagined in my mind. It’s so pretty this square. I do find I would have loved to make this in a blue color instead of grey, this shade makes these waves to look more dramatic.

Last dance on the beach - Week 4-4

Last dance on the beach - Week 4-2

My beautiful Springtime Starburst blanket is also on it’s way. And boy are the colors so marvelous together! I’ve made approximately 8-13 circles per color depending on what I think suits and looks okay with the inner circle. It’s quite challenging but still so fun. This is is also why choosing colors can be challenging, so I’ve made more of an effort this time around to really choose the colors that I know I would like.

Springtime granny squares -2

Springtime granny squares -1
See the mocha and vintage peach together? Swoon!
Springtime granny squares -8
Grape + Mustard = So my color combo!
Springtime granny squares -3
Lincoln, still makes my heart skip a beat!
Springtime granny squares -5
I had to wait 2 weeks to get my hands on some “tomato”. It was worth it!

Somehow this blanket is actually progressing faster than expected. Perhaps it is because I am better prepared, or that I am just not second guessing my colors. I just let the creative flow control all my choices lately and it has been so nice to see how my projects unfold. For every new circle and color combo I make the more surprised I get when I discover that some colors are just amazing together. Like lincoln and walnut. Vintage peach and mocha. Or mustard and grape. It’s so vintage but so gorgeous together.


Wishing you all a lovely Monday,