One more dance

Lately, I’ve been missing my dad a lot. Usually I think of him every day, some days more and some days less. It comes and goes in cycles where sometimes it just feels a bit more intense, and some other days I don’t get super emotional about it. I think it also depends on the seasons. Some people say that the pain of losing someone and missing them will not feel as strong after a while. For me, it still feels like yesterday when I lost him. Whenever I have my periods with very intense emotions, I take to the needles (my crochet needles of course) or do some art.


I’ve done this blanket 5 times already so I am very familiar with the different squares and also assembling it. This blanket is just so beautiful that I felt it was time to have my own. I have chosen similar colors to the “Dance in the rain” color way with a few tweaks. I waited until it felt right to make my own Dance blanket and to be honest it is amazing I haven’t grown tired of making this blanket, it is even surprising to me!


So as you can see, I’ve started week 2 already! Right now, I am working on the first square for week 3. I find it so lovely that since the CAL was done a while ago, all the weeks and squares are readily available! So I can go wild, which I have done. It’s such a fun project and I love the squares. It just felt so awesome to start this with my dad in my mind. I know it will be used with love and the memories that come along with it.




If you ever print this CAL out on the Scheepjes website you will see this quote by Kate Chopin

Untitled-2When I see the squares they have become symbols of happy family memories for me, for every single one I’ve made so far. And I guess that is why this project have been a bit hard to put down.
Until next time,