Slow knitting

My favourite kind of green

Last week, I came down with some awful sickness. My right side of my throat was swollen (the gland) and also I lost my voice. On top of that, some fever to kind off round it up for 2 days. I am okay now but my throat is still a bit sore. With sickness means also there hasn’t been any knitting or crafting a lot. I didn’t have any energy and was just lying on the couch feeling sorry for myself. K was around so he took care of me which was super sweet!  Funnily enough, eating spicy food during this time numbed the pain a bit which to me was a bit comforting when I was at my worst. The house is a mess and there is stuff everywhere in the house but hey, it will become better! Bless this house!

Most of my projects have been gifted to friends and family this year but my Welcome, September  is only for me! It’s crazy that I do not have issues knitting or crocheting large blankets but this cardigan is just a massive project for me as I am not used to knitting garments anymore and however fun knitting garments takes a bit more patience on my end to make sure the project gets finished. As a fiber crafter I tend to lose interest really fast. Reading the pattern was a bit tricky, had to reread to understand and also to get the hang of the “rhythm” while knitting and to be honest, this is just slow knitting at it’s finest.

Welcome, September

It is a top down knitted sweater worked back and forth and at first I found the cable leaves fun to knit, but as the rows changed and no more cables were knitted it has now turned into an endless work of knit knit knit and purl purl purl.

I will however knit the arms in the round using only knit stitches. But the effects of this texture is just gorgeous, this green Cascade 220 yarn in shade 2445 (Shire) is one of my favorite shades of green. And yes, it is just as green as I have portrayed it here on my blog. It’s a lovely deep green shade with flecks of green gold in it but darker. It’s has a lush feel to it and the yarn is wonderful to work with. I might have a few skeins left over, and that will be a nice addition to my yarn stash. I have almost finished the body and have the ribbings and sleeves left over which is easy peasy to knit so all in all hopefully will be done in a week or so, depending how I feel and what my arms are like the coming days. This green reminds me of deep forests, wet leaves on the ground. The summer- green-that-you-can-only-find-in-the-woods-kinda-green. I use my 80cm Symfonie circular knitting needles in size 4.5 for this cardi and let me tell you it’s a dream together with this Cascade yarn.

The stitches comes off so easily and it doesn’t strain my hands when working extensively for a while. These have become a favorite so i will definitely keep building my needle stash with these.

Have you any “slow knitting” projects?

Lots of Love

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