Autumn Cosy stripe blanket

We are passing November’s last days and the days are getting shorter with Winter approaching; Christmas is on it’s way. I have not yet gone to the attic to take out the decorations for the Festive season but I do have this feeling I should do it soon!

Today, I wanted to share with you my Autumn cosy blanket 🙂

I made this for my mom in law and the blanket really have her favorite colors. I have to say that I am having a hard time giving this blanket away. I am really happy with how the colors turned out and that it got finished during the Autumn season is even better!

For this blanket I used Lucy’s Cosy Stripe Blanket pattern. It is an easy, quick hooky project that even for new beginners is a great learning project as you learn how to keep the edges straight and tidy, and also a little bit of experimenting with colors.
My biggest challenge was to not use the same color for the same stitch after eachother, so I had to use them every other stitch to get a more even look.  So to explain this:

If I used the tomato color in one treble row, I would only use the tomato color again for the granny stripe row and I avoided same color variations of the stripe through out. If I had more shades to choose from I think this would have been easier, but at the end it became a challenge! In the end, looking at the blanket now this system gave a nice balance of colors and structure. If you look closely at the colors it might make more sense I think.

The blanket was made with Stylecraft Special DK yarn from my favorite online yarn boutique and this yarn is my go-to blanket yarn and it has not yet failed me on this.
I’ve made 7 blankets with Special DK so far and it’s such a lovely and inexpensive yarn for projects like these. My house is often busy with kiddo and his friends running in and out the house, and having a dog in the house I wanted a blanket yarn that could withstand the elements! So far so good, I will using it till something else comes along however it will be hard to beat!

My mom in law is getting this blanket as I wrote earlier and she has dogs too. So it was a perfect match. I didn’t initially think of creating a blanket at first, I was only experimenting with the last remaining stash of my yarn. Then a little thought grew, to create another blanket for kiddo but he quickly said it wasn’t his fancy with the colors chosen. Fast forward a few more weeks, mom in law came for a visit, saw the little patch I’ve worked, when she quickly exclaimed how pretty the colors were together and this little unexpected project got a life of it’s own! As a fun addition, I finally got my hands on the Crochet Borders book by Edie Eckman and it arrived in time when the border was needed to be hooked. I was so happy and spent a fair evening choosing a nice border to go with the blanky. It was border overload!

I have named this blanket “Autumn Cosy” and I think it’s a perfect name for it. Everywhere in my mom in law’s house these shades are ever so present in her home as little specks of color accents, so this blanket would fit in any room of the house.

I find it funny how some projects change and evolve and become something more that what you might expect. Have you ever had projects getting ‘a life of it’s own’?

Blanket pattern:  Cosy Stripe Blanket by Attic 24
Border pattern: #93 from “Around the Corner – Crochet Borders” by Edie Eckman
Yarn used: Stylecraft Special DK

3 skeins: Stone
2 skeins: Copper,  Tomato, Gold, Meadow, Khaki, Cypress, Duck egg

These colors are so pretty together and it was sheer luck I had these yarns in my stash.
As the blanket grew the colors looked more harmonious creating such a lovely blanket, reminding me of the Autumn leaves outside.

My mom in law is visiting from Norway today with her Cousin to do some Xmas shopping (Hello Pennies!) and they will shortly come over to our house for some Sunday Roast.
In fact, they just ringed the door bell and I need to run and greet them!

Lots of love,

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