Frog, redo

I almost finished my Siri sweater a few weeks ago, and when the last sleeve was almost done some sort of doubts went through my head. The color was a little too stark for my liking, would i ever wear it? It’s almost done anyways, perhaps I should just keep on going?

I decided to frog it, and my heart broke a little let me tell you all. But I tried my Siri on several times and the color just looked different close to my skin.
After days of stockinette knitting, rib knitting and sleeve finishing frogging it was the only way to go, cause I wouldn’t have worn Siri at all. I wanted to use the yarn for something else. 

Good bye Autumn Yellow Siri, it was just not meant to be!

And use it for something else I did! I used 3 of this Cascade 220 yarn in Straw for my Autumn Dreamer shawl designed by Kalurah Hudson. When I saw this design I knew it was the right yarn for the right pattern and gave it a go. It fits perfectly. I could have used a size bigger knitting needles (used my cubics!) to make the blocking a bit easier. But none the less, I do love this shawl so much. 

Hello, Autumn Dreamer! This pattern and yarn are soulmates 🙂

I think both of these pictures were taken during different times of the day but the shawl represents the color most truthfully. It is so squishy and soft. This pattern was a joy to knit. I loved the simple but yet sweet cable pattern and the shaping of the shawl. It’s lovely on. 

So, as for the Siri sweater I decided to make a new one but in a different color.. It’s a very Autumn color and this lovely orange is such a happy color. It reminds me of the Maple leaves in our local park, covering the muddy forest floors, of that chill in the air, of the warmth of a roaring fire. It’s a deep orange, with tiny marls of gold, barely visible to the eye at first. But you catch glimpses of it when the light catches it. Did I tell you that I have fallen in love with Cascade yarns? Such an affordable yarn for me, with an amazing color selection and great quality. 

This color, it’s almost a red, but to me it’s a deeper orange that is reminding me of this season I am truly fond of the most. Autumn. In my native language: Taglagas.

When I saw this color I knew it was love at first sight, I am not happy I frogged my Siri but happy I decided to change the color and re do it. 

What was the biggest project you ever frogged and re-did? 

Lots of love,

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