A first dance..

When I saw “Last dance in the rain” blanket I was in aw of such a beautiful blanket with so much meaning behind that speaks to so many people all over the world. It has inspired me so much to create more, be more happy and to stay focused on all the good days ahead.

This brings me to my colleague at work. L is such a wonderful person full of happiness and smiles. I bet you would not find a nicer person than her. She is all about the frills and high tea sweetness with the blossoms, cuteness and vintage awesomeness that is so adorable. Last year, lovely L welcomed a darling daughter into the world, and I wanted to make her something sweet. I know her mother in law loves crafting and crochet a lot and from past talks she told me they are not running low on blankets!

But needless to say I had to make L one for baby girl. And when Last dance on the beach came along my thoughts started spinning but I just could not get the colors right.. it was either to pink, to purple and too bright. I wanted something girly, muted and with a touch of that lovely home feeling I know L loves. Almost a year later after darling daughter was born I finally got it right.

And with this the meaning of this project to me has taken a lovely and beautiful turn for new beginnings, a new life and sweet beginnings. And this little project has all of the happiness that a lovely dumpling baby can bring. Sorry, but babies are sweet little dumplings..

Now, for the fun stuff:
Pattern: Last dance on the beach By Scheepjes
Yarn: Scheepjes Colour Crafter
1x Venlo
1x Hoorn
1x Ermelo
1x Helmond
3x Heerenveen
1x Goes
1x Hasselt

3 blocks per skein of yarn, totals 24 blocks.
I made a larger baby blanket with a measurement of 6 x 4 blocks.
It is something L’s baby girl can grow into and have many snuggly moments with which is so great!

I used Heerenveen for the border and to join the squares.

This blanket and my moms blankets have different meanings, but they made me happy making them. I am putting together a bunch of colors to create my own Dance in the sea/ocean blanket as a final homage before I close off this chapter in my fiber journey with this pattern. It is not that I do not want to make more projects with this pattern anymore, on the contrary! But I have more upcoming projects lined up that I can’t let pass me by. I vowed to create my own blanket, but I will let it take it’s time and work with possible color combinations that will be singing to my heart.

When did you work on a creative project that had a deeper meaning?