Sparkle grannies

I have been working on a lot of granny blankets lately, but on the secret side of things. These are supposed to be Christmas gifts, which will be great. So for that reason I did not want to over share in case someone finds there way here and actually sees these lovelies! 

As per last year, this seems to be on point. I am once again making these little monsters and yet to this day I am not sure if I love it, or hate it or what not. The only thing I know is that they are so cute. Cute little monsters. 

You know, nothing is more humbling than a Granny- project. Why? 
Because there is so much work to them, much more than people may think.
There is the every-row color changes, the yarn darning, assembling.. it’s a handful. But it doesn’t mean that it’s something I loathe to do. It’s a therapeutic thing, crocheting granny squares. It teaches you patience, endurance, tenacity and in some sorts, some agility too (you gots to be swift on the hook and really work with that yarn). 

I know that I probably could just skip color changing every row, simplify them even mor but where is the fun in that? I believe that the journey of a project is just as fun as finishing one so for me there is a lot ohh-ing and aah-ing over color choices. “I didn’t know these colors look so good together”, “These colors are great for another blankie”, “I hope I am done soon so I can create a blanket with this square, and this square alone”. 


Am I the only one thinking this way while hooking away?

Lots of love,

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