Hey, so you found my space.. what happens now? 
Let me tell you a little ’bout myself.

I really love knitting and crochet & I love all things yarn related.

I love other things too, like my tweenage son, my ultra nerdy husband and our awesome dog. I do have other hobbies too like reading books, art and all kinds of music, but yarny things is what’s closest to my heart. I work full time in the IT industry for a big computer company. My job is amazing and I get to meet a lot of awesome people, it’s a diverse place; every day is totally different which is pretty neat. I don’t like routine.

This love story with yarn started as a little kid when my sewing teacher in school taught me to knit and crochet; My mom was pretty crafty herself way back then and she managed to pass on some wisdom to me. 

I recently revamped my blog and most of my old content is gone as I felt it was time to take this blog to a new direction.  It was a hard decision to make but I felt that it was time. It would be so exciting to have you follow this new journey I am on to self love and more in depth crafting contemplation. I want this blog to be a place not only for inspiration but also for learning and sharing experiences.

Don’t forget to leave me a note and say hi! Would love to hear from you.

Lots of love,