I love knitting and crochet & I love yarn.

I mean, I love other things too, like my tweenage son, nerdy husband and our awesome dog. This love story with yarn started already when I was kid when my teacher in school taught me to knit and crochet, also my mom was pretty crafty herself way back then and she managed to pass on some wisdom to me. Somehow these 2 hobbies have stuck with me ever since..
Of course there were times, weeks, months and even years of non yarn related things as life passed me by but somehow it always found it’s way back to my hands. Everyday I think about yarn, projects I want to do and create. Things I want to knit and crochet and line projects up in my mental calendar.
I know there must be a gazillion people around the web that probably feels like I do regarding crafting so I know I am not alone! Also to add the issue with finding nooks and crannies to stash some more yarn, cause let’s face it: There is no such thing as too much yarn! 

A few years back I decided to start this blog. It’s kind of my way of sharing this love I have of crafting to others, hopefully to inspire people to also pick up a pair of needles or a hook to create their own things. Also, I like documenting things like a diary or a record to look back on some day.

Don’t forget to leave me a note and say hi! Would love to hear from you 😊.

Lots of love,