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It’s not everyday one can brag about a newly finished sweater, made by one’s own hands and with a color that is something you have chosen for yourself. There is truly something special about this process when you make a garment; It’s like a seed that you nurture and care for, patiently waiting for this little seed to grow and blossom. This is how I feel like today, after days of enjoying wearing my Siri sweater! 

Wetblocking made such a difference let me tell you …this was before the weblocking. I actually didn’t like it first.

Today as I was taking some afternoon pictures I had this gigantic smile on my face. I have not knitted a garment for myself in so long, for so many years that I must have forgotten how it truly feels to wear your own hand made things. This feeling is just so awesome! 

Then, voila! Look at this marvellous change. It’s perfect ❤️

I wanted to wear it outside for some pictures but to be honest it was such a lousy weather today; rainy and really cold. Also, husband is not home so I just didn’t feel like getting all my gear set up. I promise, it’s such a soft yarn that is totally squish worthy, especially after blocking. I totally did not expect that big of change to be honest but after this wet blocking session, I am 100% convinced that wet blocking is the way to go for all my woolly things. Nothing looks bad after a good block, it seems as stitches even themselves out and looks tidier. When I knitted a lot of fair isle, or just stranded knitting wet blocking just worked so well to make a jumper look so much better. 

So after the past days, I’ve been wearing it for an hour or two and it has been worn while I have been taking Odin out for walks. It’s cosy and warm. It’s Autumn. I like that the sleeves managed to get a bit longer after the block and I can fold them a bit to change the style some. I find this detail super cute. Anyone else likes folded sleeves? 

Ahhh, folded sleeve love anyone?

I have a few Christmas gifts I need to finish, but I am hoping I can squeeze in another sweater before the new year. My fingers are itching so much but sometimes a maker needs to prioritize.

What do you do when you have an super strong urge to knit or crochet something new when you have a stack of wips (work in progress), do you complete them first or jump head on?

Lots of love,

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