You know that feeling when you have a million skeins to use for knitting, at least a thousand balls of yarn to crochet with but you just leave it as is and do something else? I know that feeling! After the past few weeks, I actually know this particular feeling all too well!

For the past few weeks I haven’t touched a knitting needle, did not crochet a single stitch and really did not feel bad for all the yarns sulking in my creative absence. I don’t know why, but the days went then the weeks went by and all of the sudden I literally had to dust my yarns off when I was tidying up my living room. It was weird, awkward and a bit surprising to be honest. This seems to happen to me every year when I do have these “ruts” where I am not motivated, tired mentally or just physically from stress and have started to focus on other things. So in the absence of this creative outlet I have been busy with other creative endeavors. Like enjoying the last weeks of Summer with a special boy and husband. We went out venturing for adventure and we found little nuggets of happiness as we went. The weather was calling our name so who can say no and lock yourself in right?

This young man and me went to St Stephens Green to enjoy a sunny Saturday with gelato, picture snapping and loads and loads of talking! #chirpchirp
My husband and me have a candid moment in front of our cameras? 

A few weeks ago I started to read art books again. I just am in this phase where reading is such a lovely but guilty pleasure when I know there is a mountain of laundry, a ton of stacked dishes and a dusty, webby house that needs to be cleaned. Who cares? I got a book that needs to be read.  I will read till my eyes fell off. That’s how it’s been lately. Also some indulgence in baked apple goods have been done as well so I was in good company. My family probably thinks I am a bit crazy because I tried at least 5 different apple tart/pie recipes and they were all so good.. but to be honest overall we’re all a bit crazy, with or without yarn, with or without kids, with or without some cake.

The yarn? Cascade 220. Color? Straw. 

But yesterday, yesterday let me tell you; Something happened. I looked outside the window and everything had changed, it feels like it happened over night cause I didn’t even notice it all.
It was darker and windy outside. Skies were such a melancholy blue and gray. Leaves and plants have slowly started to wither a bit and I could see by looking out on the street and the landscape around me that there was this slight chill to air that was crisp and fresh. And as I decided it was candle time and lit up the little tealights and pillar candles, my thoughts wondered off as I sat down on the couch feeling bored. And my crafty hands found the swivel, some skeins and all of the sudden I was knitting, like nothing ever happened or  changed. So strange. There was this sudden “I need to knit this now” feeling,  I was dreaming about this sweater to be finished so I can wear it while I slowly trail among the withering trees, solemn clouds and cold winds and burrow my face in a thick woolen shawl.  I needed to knit this sweater. It’s Autumn. It’s Fall. It’s Sweater time.

Do you see what I see? These are the Cubic needles. Review will come up soon!

So needless to say, I am not going anywhere. There was just this break. All though it was a little weird to not share my thoughts here I think the silence did me good. So with that folks I can’t wait to finish my chores tonight so I can continue knitting this amazing sweater. 


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