Monday blues

This summer for me has been all about slow knitting. Slow effortless knitting, with not too much complex stuff.  It has been such a lovely change to actually just slowly work my way through some projects. Usually I knit pretty fast but I like the change it means to just take time. Usually I get so eager and excited and love watching the knitting journey unfold so it just happens, every single time. But this Summer has been all about the slow living with all that entails which has been a welcome blessing.

This is my second waiting for rain shawl and with this Malabrigo Arroyo yarn, I really do love this pattern even more. The streaky blues and grays suits this pattern perfectly. It’s moody but yet the blue colors in this yarn is so soothing. Did I tell you that this yarn is absolutely amazing to work with?

As this shawl journey is soon coming to an end there will be much more hooky times coming along this Autumn. There are blankets to made for Christmas which I am so super excited about and also a few mittens and small little things for family and friends. This year I figured to start off a bit early with these projects so I can take my time and also squeeze in a few things for myself that I might have the urge to create while working on the bigger projects. With the blankets that I will start I like alternating with smaller projects to move around in between so I don’t get too bored .

How do you plan your time when it comes to handmade gifts?

Lots of love,

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