Midsummer sun

It wasn’t a fun week let me tell you all! I was sick the last two days, today it felt good, no more fever since Friday. But still. Body is hurting a bit from the fevers and I feel a bit sore so not 100 percent okay just yet. I did manage to go outside though to get some Midsummer sun; it is well needed Vitamin D that my skin and body needs right now. It’s like happy vitamins and cheers me up so well.

Our Odin, softest, cuddliest little beast. He has the biggest heart!

Since I haven’t been able to knit much this week I did block the Waiting for rain shawl. It turned out wrong, wonky and it does not look like the intended design. You see, I was watching the tv-show Vera and I was not paying attention. So I lost count, but still kept on going. This marled sweet ultramarine blue Mechita yarn is so mesmerizing but I did not do any knitting justice on this. I don’t know yet if I like the finished result of this wonkiness. But I’ll show you all anyways because to me the shawl doesn’t look right..

You see the lacy short row patterns? It just didn’t turn out right. Also, I did a double repeat of row 3. So it’s jumbo big. When I discovered it, I just kept on going cause I didn’t wanna frog it all. I don’t know how I feel about it just yet. Thinking it would look nicer when blocked but it’s still lingering a little bit. That bitter taste of disappointment. It’s just not as pretty as I envisioned it to be because of what happened! Clumsy me, getting all carried away when watching the tele. Lol.

Sometimes one makes mistakes and I guess it is okay. I keep telling myself I will do another one, properly this time. I do really love this yarn. Malabrigo has been my all time fav for knitting as the colors and textures have been purely a joy to use for shawls.
So, sure. I will make another one but will wait a while before jumping on the short rows again. It was surprisingly easy, Softsweater’s patterns and directions are easily understood And also, one tip is to use stitch markers as advised. It helped me keep track of every turn and such. So all in all, lovely pattern but a clumsy knitter with the needles so I blame myself. I will be better next time..

So for the deets:
Pattern: Waiting for rain by Sylvia McFadden (Aka Softsweater Knits)
Yarn: Malabrigo Mechita in Impressionist Sky
Needle size: 4mm

So, with that I am leaving this mistake behind and will just talk about other pleasant things. Such as the garden my mom helped me with! It’s not a big garden patch per say. Just a few bigger pots but to me, it’s my own little garden and one should definitely find happiness in the smallest of things right? The peonies I’ve had for a few years already as my mom bought me this waay back. It is now shooting out blooms, I think this year it will be seven. The first year it was 1. I keep hoping for more. I planted it out in a bigger hard wearing plastic pot this year to give it more space for roots. So far it has survived being potted which is a great thing for me. Should I ever move, that pot will come right with me. Ain’t leaving it for anything!

Our fav whisky. Can’t wait to one day visit Lagavulin 🙂

Come to think of it.. when did all those 5 1/2 other months go by? Can someone explain to me why time goes by faster as you grow older? I would like to hit the pause button right now and savour the joys of the sunshine, love and family life right now. I don’t want my kid to grow older, I don’t want anymore gray hairs and I don’t want Kris to get older either. That means years are passing us by. I want to be in this moment right now together in the midsummer sun. Eating good food, laughing and sharing this snapshot

Wishing you a lovely Saturday ..


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  1. I love the shawl! Those lace panels are gorgeous (and that’s all I can focus on!). 🙂 Your summer pictures are beautiful, too. I hear you – it’s bitter sweet to watch the time go by and I’m in disbelief! Knitting helps me slow the world down a bit more. 🙂 Let’s hope the summer goes on a little longer this year!

    1. Aww this shawl has grown on me, but still.. the inner perfectionist in me knows.. I made a booboo! Lol. Sometimes one wonders where the time went? Hope you are keeping well!!

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