Pretty in Pink

Working with granny squares has always been a bit of a hit and miss for me, and to be honest after my last granny square adventure that I wrote about last year.. I wasn’t too keen on jumping on the granny train any time soon. However, as you might know by now my creative mind gets a life of it’s own (which is pretty awesome, by the way) and here we are, another granny blanky. The colors are more structured this time… to give something of an oomph I did add some gold. I have always wanted a pink granny blanket so I guess it was not all completely random that these colors were chosen! If possible, there could have been more pinks added but I was good and chose to stick to a limit this time around! 🙂

I don’t know why this gets to me but this blanket made me think of that movie with Molly Ringwald, Pretty in Pink, remember that one? It’s one of my all time favorite movies. It’s a perfect Sunday afternoon movie when you don’t want to watch something heavy or suspenseful. I do am pretty fond of these kind of movies made during the 80’s. Don’t know why it is like that for me but I think it is because they are nostalgic? The vintage peach I am using in this blanket reminded me a lot of the dress you can see Molly wear in the movie for her prom. That dress is so cringy, but I just love, love it still. I guess back then this was fashion! Together with her hair and also the shoes, it was just so epic.

In this article, Molly actually explained that she was not too fond of her prom outfit in that movie. None the less, who can forget Molly and her awesome prom dress? I myself never went to prom, I was however invited to a ball (similar to the prom’s in the US I believe) in my early twenties and I was wearing something like this. Still to this day I do not have a clue why I chose this.. *_* Not as much cringe, but still, just a little. Lol.

Slowly but surely, things are settling down which has been pretty nice. I have been busy at work and at home, doing the normal stuff. While I have been super creative and crafting quite a bit it felt nice to work on something easy and simple right now. Our family life has become a simple one, with not too many “has to’s or need to’s”. It’s more, “It’s Saturday, let’s have a late brunch, have a nice afternoon reading or hanging out in the garden” kinda deal. I love it so much, it’s so relaxing and gives our family some quality time together so it’s a win-win thing!

Going back to my blanket.. so far this blanket has been a nice walk in the park. Nothing surprising, nothing unusual; Just the comforting stitches of a granny square block. That is what is so lovable about this pattern. It’s such a retro piece and it just has it’s own place in our crochet universe. Working towards the completion there were some moments of color choosing for the project but I managed to nail it down pretty quickly.

I plan to use the color stone for the 8th row on every square; for the final row I will probably do a JAYG border in this lovely denim shade.. I do love this blue color and it’s so perfect for this blanket to break all the soft colors but also the pinks. I was experimenting with different shades of Special DK for the border, but none really fit except this. So far there will be both colorful granny blocks but also solid colored ones. With this baby I do think it will look really cool to use some random solid blocks in between these colorful squares. Looking at the ones that are already done and put aside each other it just sounds like a fantastic idea to make it look more random. So some more time to actually working on the placements will be made, so it looks put together and in harmony with each other. 🙂

Lots of love,

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