Strawberries & shortcake

10 years old. My son is now in the double digit age! To be honest, I have no clue where all the years went. Time has flown by and to be a part of my little W’s life has been the greatest blessing for me. To celebrate we had to bake his favourite Strawberry shortcake and I made him his favourite dumplings. For years and years, this shortcake recipe has been my go to for little W’s cake. I first discovered this recipe in Anna Ohlson’s baking show years ago and it’s been stuck with me ever since. I’ve seen different variations on it but over the years I’ve manage to perfect the technique.

Here are some tips:

The eggs and sugar needs to be whipped until almost white in color and steady ribbons are formed when you check for density and thickness. You can’t leave or cheat this bit out! This is what makes this cake incredibly fluffy. With a batter like this a stand mixer does the job amazingly well. I use the regular whisk add on for this part of the recipe.

When the flours and dry ingredients are sifted, make sure you gently fold it into the egg batter. If you blend/whisk/mix too hard the cake batter will deflate and will turn “rubbery” when it’s baking in the oven. Instead, use a large spatula and fold the ingredients together. DO NOT use a mixer.

Try to avoid “checking the cake” often. You will release all that heat and the cake will most likely deflate and turn rubbery or dense if you do. My rule of thumb, when the cake has been in for over 75% of the estimated time I can quickly check it. But overall, I try to avoid opening the oven-door all together when baking something with batter.

Also, further on, if you still doubt this recipe, add a small “dash” of baking powder. I did it this time around as I was not sure what it would do to the batter. The batter turned out much more airy and soft, but still buttery and flavorful. Just a teeny dash, perhaps half a teaspoon or even less. It goes a long way!

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