Digital declutter.

For quite some time now, since our physical decluttering project in January I have been thinking about my digital space and how to declutter myself from unnecessary “noise”. Lately I feel that my digital presence has been disturbing both my creative endevours but also my valuable time. So, what is a girl like me to do about that? I decluttered!

I have temporarily unplugged myself from the digital world except my blog. As this is the first day I’ve attempted this full on it’s actually pretty hard! A few times already I’ve reached out for my phone to try and check Facebook but realized, that it’s been deactivated. Funny, never would I have thought it would be a habit like that!

So, as far as apps go, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and my other apps have been disabled. It feels nice somehow to have a little break. I felt it was needed as I want to focus more on doing productive things, such as reading my books I’ve lined up for this year, study more art and of course more hooky time! I just do not want to feel so tied up to the internet. It would be nice for a change as I think it is a bit too much at times.

I have no idea how long of a break I will have, but I will keep writing on my blog, I really enjoy it a lot so that is not going away. It fills a creative space so it has an great purpose as I am practicing my writing too.

Have you ever taken a digital break? How did it work out for you?



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