Switching it up.

I am fully recovered and back from a whole week of sickness, and I am slowing getting better.. My voice is still recovering and I don’t have much pain anymore after days of swollen glands, neck pain, runny nose. Yeah, you know the deal when you’re that sick! Ha.

So after last week’s finished blanket I have been thinking a lot on what to do next. I do have some things I would love to start doing but I will probably go back to basics for a bit. I have found some lovely yarn in my stash that I have basically forgotten! It was hidden in the depths of my yarn storage aka. my (not so secret) yarn closet!Β  I just love rummaging in my stash and finding bags of yarn all waiting to be used. Lovely.

So.. after a few of those beautiful, but awfully sad pictures of a yarnfree creative space let me show you these beauties:

Blue is my all time favorite colors. Blue is the color of the sea, and the sky. Blue is calm and soothing but also strong and amazingly versatile. It can become a dark, moody blue or a light and airy blue or a lovely melodic blue, a matisse blue. Blue sings to me so much! I can try to deny my love for this color by working with other shades time to time, but I always go back to this one. These moody blues, stormy grays and crisp whites. Also some ecru and soft beige. I think it is linked with my love for the beach. I also feel, that these colors are very Scandinavian. I used to live by the South West coast of Sweden and these colors reminds me home.

So to say I am taking a little detour on my color journey, which I am looking forward to! To me these are colors too, colors that I am used to work with. However it is so forgiving and for me feels so right this moment. In hindsight I could have finished my Last Dance blanket I was working on but I am not ready to finish it. I stashed it away for now. Until I feel ready to work on it again. I think I’ve linked it so much to my Dad that it’s become a bit of an emotional project. So I need to reflect and give it some space before I jump at it again. No worries, it will be coming back soon once I am good and ready.

Are you prepared for more yarn candy?

So to further elaborate on this yarn, this is the Scheepjes Softfun range!
When I ordered this yarn months and months back I was a bit hesitant if I actually would enjoy working with this yarn. Luckily enough it was not disappointing! This yarn works up beautifully and I managed to make a few crochet jars with this yarn, you can read about it here. This yarn is not “squeaky” as cotton/acrylic yarns can sometimes be and to add to the positives Softfun is very soft. Pun it girl, just keep it pun!

To further keep the positivism flowing, let me tell you about the colors:
You can find the normal Softfun, which are clean shades with no effects and then you can also have a look at the Softfun Aquarel and Softfun Denim range. I think it gives this yarn some lovely personality and there are so many potential things that can be made with this yarn. This yarn girl can babble on about all the good stuff! I only wish the balls were bigger! Being used to the 300 meter balls of Stylecraft, going down to 140 meter balls of Softfun is a bit of a switch. Nice with a change though! Oh, and by the way, Softfun is also DK, so I intend to use either a 3.5 or 3.75 mm needle to this yarn.

What are you guys up to this lovely Saturday? I hope you are all doing well and enjoying this weekend as much as I am..


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