Blanket & Snow

I can’t believe that this past weekend we had to endure another round of snow! Ireland released an orange warning yesterday nationwide due to the snow and winds. Also for the ice!  I just could not believe this is happening AGAIN. However it passed on quickly and the snow has almost melted already.

The heavy snowfall started late Saturday here on the hill. I woke up Sunday morning to a blinding light from our bedroom window even if we had tight blinds shielding the morning sun. It was just unreal! Everything was covered in snow, and it was extremely cold. I don’t mind snow, but I remember last year around this time, me and the family enjoyed our St. Patrick’s day down at the village pub with a pint and watched the lovely parade in mild, sunny weather. It was lovely!  This year we opted to stay at home due to the cold and wind. Shame though but still not a bother as little W felt like staying at home. He was under the weather all last week and the week before. So with that in mind, we bedded ourselves on the couch, with feet up and watched anime shows all day long, and I was being creative with my hooky of course! So it was such a lovely weekend even if it did not turn out the way we would have liked.  Sometimes, these things happen and sometimes, it turns out better than expected.

The yarn and the finished blanket

This weekend my lovely Springtime starburst blanket is finally finished. After the last yarn end was darned and the border was in place I had a sense of pride but a bit of sadness too as with every project I create is coming to a close. This feeling was coming on to me already last weekend when I knew I could have tried to complete it all, but my heart wasn’t in it just yet. I didn’t finish it then. It just wasn’t the right time. After all, I’ve worked on this blanky for over 3 months. But this is what I like about projects like this. It becomes sort of a habit and to me I grow to love and just appreciate every single thing I manage to make. It is like anticipating to do a few rows in the evening, a few more blossoms here and there, and by the time you know it, it’s slowly growing until one day, it’s completed. I learned a lot this time around too as I did with my Autumn Starburst blanket.

Have an idea for what colors to use in different parts of the project
You see, I didn’t have a set idea when I started this blanket how hard it would be to make these colors work together! It was even harder than the other blankets I’ve made so far. All the colors I chose were so pretty but I think I experienced somewhat a color overload.

Be color confident
Somehow this project felt like the blanket of self doubt. I doubted the colors, the fear of not being “brave” or “confident” enough with the shades and even questioned myself why I was using these colors in the first place. It was not an option to put this squishy blanket down because of this, as I felt there was a story to be told and an experience to be taught on this blanket color journey. Once the blanket was completed I do felt a sense of accomplishment but it is bittersweet too (have to admit that).  Since I have no issues picking colors out for projects that I make for my friends and family, I do think this has to do with my own color journey.What colors do I like? What colors do I really enjoy?

This experience will grow as I go on this journey and hopefully one day I might become a confident color crafter too!  Going home decorating from neutrals to colors is harder than one can think especially when you are creating things for your own home. However challenging, it just simply makes me happy too! Exciting and fun.

I think a lot of people think of dreamy pastel colors when it comes to Spring, but for me Spring is a lot of greens and colors that are a bit more vibrant. Slowly but surely my color journey is on it’s way and I am trying to find my way through the myriads of colors, tones and hues that just makes me so happy.

Pattern: Starburst Granny Square
I did skip making the puffs on the second row of the circle and did 2 treble clusters per space instead. Not fond of puffs as they always tend to look so uneven when I do them.

I also chose to use a tutorial from The Patchwork Heart for the join as you go (JAYG) border method. It was super easy to get hooking with her tutorial with clear images on how to do it, so that was super helpful! I used (in UK terms) double trebles, trebles and half trebles to shape the circles into squares with the help of this joining method which was super easy once you got the rhythm of it.

I think this border ended up to be perfect for this blanket, a wide lace border I first envisioned would have taken away from the pretty blossoms. So in mushroom I made a full round of trebles around the blanket. Then I chose to first make a round of slip stich surface chains in pomegranate to give that lovely braided look. Then I chose to make half trebles, chain 1 space in between for a lovely look in vintage peach.

Hook: Clover Amour, 3.5 mm

Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK in the following shades:

Mushroom x 5 (for the squares and border)
Pomegranate, vintage peach, buttermilk, gold, pale rose, raspberry, parma violet, violet, cypress, pistachio, mocha, mustard, walnut, sage, duck egg, denim, meadow, tomato and lincoln.

140 cm x 180 cm – 12 x 16 squares: 192 squares

Have a wonderful evening ❤️



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