After the storm

Previous to Storm Emma, I have only seen snow in Ireland once. It was late 2009, New Years Eve and it was snowing for days, with cold winds and the temperatures were below zero. The roads and streets were icy, slippery and on the news you could see people out and about with their wellies and very thin clothing. It was crazy!

However, Storm Emma was a beast of it’s own and right. Ireland never sees this kind of weather so I think it’s hard for people used to winter snow and these temperatures to understand what an issue this is for a country that is not really used to this kind of climate! I think it was handled brilliantly by our local firemen and gardai. We had no power outages like with Storm Ophelia and we had running water. Also luckily we were stocked up with the necessary foods to fend off the hunger those worst days. The stores days after were massively unstocked as deliveries were delayed. It looked pretty apocalyptic I have to say..

But, back to business and back to the normality! I was working from home all last week due to the storm and in my line of work within Europe, it was still a busy week with a lot of work so it wasn’t a “break” for me. I wanted to post last week already but time was of the essence and unfortunately there were none of little luxuries such as this blog.

So yesterday, I was so happy to see that a new batch of flowers in the grocery store. Tulips! I really do am fond of tulips. They show up everywhere during springtime, it’s such a lovely sign of lighter days ahead. Also, while in Dublin Monday to collect our passports I noticed the crocuses and daffodils have sprouted up, however some of them looked more battered and withered due to all the snow and cold.

Lately the only time for my crafts have been during the weekends and I find it really sad. I miss the evening hooky times and the relaxing moments in front of the TV with my yarn and hook. The past few weeks have just been mental at home and at work. We all have those weeks when the hours just fly by and you’re left with little scraps of pieces that are minutes. Bed time, breakfast, do homework with W, taking care of the house.. the mundane daily chores that just is sometimes not all fun but a definite must.

I have started assembling my lovely springtime granny blanket and it’s coming along so beautifully! There are no regrets in using this lovely mushroom shade as the joining color for these blossoms. It is pretty cute and delightful to see how this particular color just seem to change “shade” depending on the blossoms it embraces.

Also, I’ve noticed that I am not too fond of all blossoms, but some have been clear favorites of mine. Like the cypress, pistachio and pomegranate one above. It’s so lovely and just screams happiness to me!

It feels like this blanket journey is soon coming to an end… and I am a bit sad and melancholic about it. Every time I finish a project I have this sense that something of a creative happy journey is coming to an end. To only just hours after start a new blanket to do the process all over again. But at least this blanket will not be given away, it will be cherished at home and little doggy have already claimed it for his own…

As you can see probably, I have a “few” more lines to go. I am not fretting! The join as I go method I am using is so great as I love to think that I will not need to darn all the yarn once this project is done, might only need to darn 8-10 ends after adding a new skein to the joining of the borders.. which is amazing. So this is definitely a lovely join method of mine that I will use in other projects as well. A tutorial was provided by The Patchwork Heart and has pictures and written instructions that clearly shows how to go about his joining method. It was a bit fiddly at first but once I got the flow it was simple and great to use for these little whirly whirl blossoms. Also I got some more Special DK for the border and lace that will be the edging. I cannot wait to show you the colors I’ve chosen to finish this off. But first. Join all the blossoms…

Until next time..



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