Crochet candle jars

Late last year I showed you a post of my lovely crochet candle cosies.
I really really enjoyed doing them, however I wanted to do a few jars with colors and ribbons, so I took the old sleeves off to give the jars a new outfit!
Usually there would be some leftover jars here and there in our house but I couldn’t find any jars unfortunately so, a revamp it is!

When creating candle jars, one thing that I’ve learned throughout is that the lacier the sleeve is once done the nicer it will look once it has has been put on the jar.
However, I prefer myself to have the simpler patterns to give it some more texture, the candles still look nice even if they are not super detailed.
When creating smaller projects like these why not take the opportunity to learn some new stitch patterns?

Finding the stitch pattern

I have this crochet book named “200 Crochet Stitches” by Sarah Hazell – and from there I used some cute patterns. It took a while though as I skimmed through the pages and just couldn’t decide what stitch patterns to use! However I decided to go for something cute and not too lacy.
What I like about that book is that it actually has a written AND a small crochet diagram. Lately I’ve noticed I do work much better with the diagrams.
I think it’s a habit -thing as I was taught to read those instead of reading instructions. However, if you get the chance do have a peek into this book
as it will give you loads of inspiration if you ever would have a “stitch draught”.


For this project I had some spare Scheepjes Softfun in my stash and I used crochet hook size needle 3.5mm for this. As you might know by now I crochet loosely so
it doesn’t look too good if the stitches are all over the place! However it was super fun to make as it went so fast and the little cute ribbons from Bowtiques were the perfect complement.
The ribbons just scream cuteness alert to me! Suited well with the colors of the yarn too.

I just really really love the softfun yarn, it was so nice and soft and the stitch definition was amazing. Also, the color choices were fantastic and suited the palette I was going for!
Since I used a smaller hook size this time around (3.5mm) I did feel it strain my arm but if I would have gone with a bigger size on this yarn for these jar holders the pattern would have been too loose to my taste. I did try a few swatches but the designs looked really nice on this tension once stretched out. I liked that this yarn did not had a sheen to it. It’s pretty matte and just the right thickness for my cozies.

Practical tips for this project:

    • Make sure you do not get too thick yarn or it might result in a very bulky candle holder, this will depend on how lacy you would like your project to be.


    • I would recommend using 4ply or even dk yarn (even thinner yarns for more detailed work), hook size will depend on your tension!


    • For some nice effects, try lace knitting a sleeve with brushed alpaca wool f.ex to give a very soft effect.


    • To start off, do a string of chain stitches, then wrap it to measure around the thickest part of your jar.


    • The starting chain string should be at least 2 inches smaller than the circumference of the jar to make the pattern stretch out when you put it on.


    • Try the sleeve from time to time to know you’re on the right path, also to check if you need to decrease/increase.


  • Darn the edges before you put the jar on! I’ve seen people do this AFTER as they were concerned the sleeve would not hold the ends.
    Trust me, do this before you put the jar on and sew the ends in loosely!


    And one last thing, there is no such thing as the right thing with these jars!

    Choose your pattern, hook size and jars and leave it all to your imagination.

Lots of love,

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