Neat Vintage Ripple Blanket

Look at this neat ripple goodness!

I have started a new blanket, and I have used the pattern a few times before already. But it couldn’t be helped, the waves are calling my name..

It’s the Neat Ripple Pattern from Lucy @ Attic24. I love, love, LOVE this pattern. It’s so pretty and yet really simple. I love how the waves are soft and not too deep.

The waves are perfect! You can find the pattern in Lucy’s blog, Attic24. This is probably the third time I’ve made a project with these ripples. They are simply irresistible!

The vintage peach, raspberry and lincoln together with the stone and mocha.. I have decided further on that for 2018 I want more color at home to make it more “me”. Slowly but surely I’ve been playing around with some Special DK shades that I like and started the neat ripple blanket. I will probably stick with the similar shades so I can create my own stack of blankies I can be proud of! Seeing other creative peoples’ blanket stacks have made me somewhat green with envy and I would like to have my own stack that would make any yarn lover swoon and go all mushy inside for!

I love these muted colors, it’s vintage inspired and it’s just perfect for me. So far Special DK have been ticking all my creative boxes on every single project I have made. I am currently considering further more projects with this yarn as I find the vast choice of colors are perfect! These are actually colors I would love to adorn my home with so I am happy I can start my own interior creative journey into making our home a more colorful place with the help of these shades. The only thing I miss is a darker buttermilk, a muted light and dark blue (think a darker and a lighter, more grey version of Denim) and some muted pinks (think mauve pink, dusty rose, and a darker parma violet), and peaches (peachy muted terracotta). A toned down gold (think soft gold) would be lovely as well. Right now Lincoln is my color of choice hands down! I love that milky green shade. Mushroom has been growing on me as well.

This year I have made 8 blankets, 2 shawls and 5 smaller projects. It is something I am dearly proud of that I’ve been so creative and nourished my soul to the fullest extent. I can’t describe how proud I am for trying something new, being a bit bolder with my colors and not giving up when the projects have been a bit tough.

Lots of love,

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