New Year Resolutions..

New year,  new goals..

2017 is almost over y’all and it is with great excitement I am looking forward to what 2018 will have in store for me and my family. I hope for a lot of family time, travelling and of course lot of time for my crafts!

As we took down the Christmas decorations yesterday it has now left our home with a little void. It was a wonderful Christmas with my family that came over. So much fun, and good food. I wished for them to have stayed longer but hopefully they will visit again soon so we can show them Ireland. There is so much more to Ireland than Dublin and I want for my mom to see a glimpse of that next time around!

A few days before Christmas Eve I got a lovely surprise, my lovely KitchenAid! Man, after years and years of just wanting one I was gifted it by my lovely hubby. K color matched it with my KitchenAid handblender and hand mixer by calling around all the Dublin stores to check who would stock the creamy white version. K told me he found it in a random electronics store in a huge shopping mall outside town, it seemed to have been one of the few remaining in the city. So proud he thought about the color for me, as I prefer them matching – It is just my inner OCD in me being happy now.

I got it a few days before Christmas Eve so it could be used before all the food preparations. And lucky me for that! It has been used almost every day since I got it.
Now, just to save up for some attachments like the ice cream maker and the meat grinder, and of course.. pasta maker!

The days are floating by, we are enjoying our time off. I got another week to just be with my son and husband, hanging out crafting and building a bunch of Lego (Kiddo got a massive amount this year too so it’s become a family tradition for Christmas, Lego building that is). Good thing is that I love Lego and always have. So it’s not a biggy that I get to build a bit, especially now with the larger and more challenging boxes as W is getting older by the year, so does the Lego complexity!

On the crafting side I’ve managed to finish my Fugly Granny Square blanket, but I never managed to actually provide pictures. I already gave it away. As I selfishly wanted to keep it to myself it was not helped. My mom got it for Christmas and she was very happy with it.

My New Years Resolutions:

* Create my own stack of blankets for our home to keep.
* Introduce some well needed colors in our home.
* Don’t stress over the little creative mishaps .
* Knit more!
* Do more embroidery!

This year, I’ve made a few small knitted projects, the rest have been crochet! And I feel I have been neglecting my knitting. That is something I want to do more of next year. I have a few ideas for some black work inspired embroidery that would be fun to try the coming year as well. So many projects lined up, I can’t wait to start this new year!

As for my other, normal New Years Resolutions:

* Drink more water
* Sleep more and sleep good!

So with that

To all my lovely blogger friends and followers,

Have a wonderful New Years Eve, and may you have an fabulous start to 2018,

Lots of love and bubbly,


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