More fugly granny squares

Slowly but surely the colors are more to my liking as I assemble these grannies on the fly. It takes a bit longer as I darn all the ends after every square, but it would be so nice to avoid a lengthy battle with those ends once I am happy with the size. Especially with color changes every row it’s nice to not have to think about the ends when this blanket is done. But other than that, I actually love how this little fugly monster is growing on me, it’s ugly, cute but still charming. I showed it to my mother in law last week and she said it reminded her of her grandma. I thought that was very sweet!

So I decided to love this blanket, no matter if the shades are not perfect, or the colors are not the best. In my eyes it’s one of the better projects I’ve made so far.

I also discovered how cute this blanket is on my black leather desk chair. It makes the chair look cozier. Or could it be that these grannies make everything look so much more cozier and just more “homey”? I don’t know for sure, but it gives my desk and work station some more pop of color which is definately needed.

As the blanket grows it has become more of a challenge to not use the same colors on the same square. It’s actually pretty hard. On the last row I managed to make that mistake of not looking properly and now that row has 2 squares with the same color on the 4th Granny row. I was so mad when I saw that after I added the black border and added the square to the blanket but I was not motivated to cut that square off. It’s a cute “feature” in the end but wished I would have paid better attention.

I can’t believe I am still not freaking out that these colors are all over the place yet, I am so proud of myself for hanging in there and finishing this. For now it will be on my desk chair and I will let it grow on me while I add more squares when I feel like it.


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  1. This looks great! You are so patient. I did a hexagon patchwork blanket out and weaving in all the ends makes me want to never do it again. Can’t wait to see the finish project

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