Fairytale blanket

I don’t know how this project started, but it just did. As so many other times, I was just playing around with my hooky and yarn and THIS happened! Haha. I find it so funny this happens alot for me. It became a little bit of a yarn frenzy and I just couldn’t stop hooking this blanket.  I tried to make it even more justice with my pictures but lately the weather here has been so awful, gray and dark which is not really suited for indoor photography. So bare with me as I try to figure this out!

The inspiration

To be honest with y’all, these colors ended up being used for this blanket. The yarn that was used for this blanket was taken from my Fugly granny square blanket.
I thought about the colours and how cheerful they are together and it just made me so happy. This blanket was indeed like a fairy tale and the name was born.

For the first time used the C2C method for the entire blanket, which I have never done before. It’s pretty cute and just lovely this squishy blanket, it measures 130 x 170 cm, perfect for a TV blanket. It is a surprise gift for my best friend I will visit in Belfast this coming weekend. As a whole, it took me around 6 days to finish this. I sat every evening working on it and even brought it upstairs to bed a few times. So funny to think how carried away I can be with a project like this, the end result is just fantastic! I know Corner 2 Corner crochet can be a bit of a hassle for beginners. However, don’t fret! 

So here is the info for this project:

Fairytale Blanket – The details

Pattern: None, I used regular 2C2 crochet method until I found the right width for the blanket and worked my way to make it rectangular I increased only on one side and decreased on the other side to give the blanket some “length”. I hope that makes sense! When I reached the suitable length I just just started decreasing on both sides to finish it off. If you keep increasing and don’t add the “length” you will basically end up with a square shaped blanket (aka if you only do corner increases and corner decreases on BOTH sides throughout) and not a rectangular one. Had to Google that as I realized my blanket was more square than anything.

Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK & Stylecraft Batik
Aspen, Sherbet, Gold, Magenta, Clematis, Bluebell, Lavender, Wisteria, Boysenberry, Fuschia Pink, Lincoln, Sage, Duckegg, Vintage Peach, Meadow, Pistachio, Walnut
I do not remember off the bat what shades of Batik I used but I remember I chose the cooler purples and the golden one.

Crochet hook: Tulip Etimo 3.5mm. I am a loose hooker so I have to take that into consideration when doing C2C, with 4mm it got waaay too loose for me. With 3.5mm it got a nice tension and texture to the blanket

I have been touching and just cuddling with this blanket. As it’s tension is probably tighter and more even it turned out to be a toasty blanket. Perfect for my bestie and her new baby, for those cuddly moments at home.


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  1. I havent seen it in person yet but I love it already! You are so talented and I feel very lucky to have you as my friend 😁. Love you T, cant wait to see you ❤ xx

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