First Advent Sunday & Glögg

Nothing beats the time approaching the first Sunday of advent.

It’s finally December. And all the Christmas decorations are up, like clock work every time.
I just can’t be without my decorations this time of year as I just love Christmas so much.

Welcoming Christmas times to our doors.

As we are the easy going lazy family kinda type, but also taking into account the amount of live trees a family would use during a 20-40 year lifetime, we have opted for going plastic and have done so the last 7 years. I know nothing beats the smell of a pine tree during this festive season. I can settle for some Yankee Candle or other scented candles instead to have a similar smell instead to save some trees. I know it sounds really stupid, but I feel it’s been pretty important to us!

Unfortunately, there is no snow in sight. As a proud Gilmore Girl I would say, no. I can’t smell snow anywhere so the outlook is low for it. It’s just such a shame. First of Advent would have been lovely with some snow.

Our trip to IKEA

We went to IKEA, my Swedish piece of home. Since I couldn’t make it home to visit this year, this visit was super important let me tell you!

There we managed to get some mulled wine (glögg) and some other foodie goodies. However I did not find the Grebbestads anjovis I use for my Jansson’s Frestelse (Jansson’s Temptation) and this lady went into a minor panic mode. Secretly my inner Christmas heart was hoping to have been able to have some traditional Swedish food today but alas. No Grebbestads Anjovis, no Jansson’s Frestelse on us until we have my mom come over with a few tins.  She always brings the good stuff every time she celebrates Christmas with us. Jul must, Vört bröd, Cheeses, and sweets. Not to mention, the lovely small bags of “Kocken’s” spices I use for my sweets and baked buns that is non-existant here. Also, just to note. This is not the Surströmming (smelly fish) that smells awful. Grebbestads anjovis is exactly that, small anchovies in a special type of marinade and spices. Nothing tastes quite like it for our Janssons!

None the less, we managed to still have a moment of joy and cosyness with the gingerbread, mulled wine and cinnamon mini buns even if we didn’t have the anchovies.

Have a wonderful Sunday,


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