Autumn Starburst

Today will be the final installment of the Starburst Grannies!

I can’t wait to share with you all the pictures I managed to take this morning. The sun was shining, the air was incredibly crisp and cool and my feet froze to ice blocks!
This morning this girl was too lazy to strap on her boots so she just put on her vibrantly pinkish Crocs. I know I know. But I do love them even if they are fugly. I wear them when no one is watching. I swear!!

After weeks and weeks of choosing colors, hooking away on this little journey blanket of mine and fussing over darning edges, finishing the border and a lot headaches this piece of work is finally done. I have never ever done something this big and looking back at this now there are lessons to be learned:

What I learned during this journey:

Check the gauge!
Calculate how many squares you need!
Calculate how many circles of every color you need!
Calculate, Calculate, CALCULATE!
I swear, I think I would have saved me a lot of precious time preparing properly.
But this blanket just got a little monstrous life of it’s own and that is fine by me.

It was a learning project and it is by no means “perfect” or the “prettiest” but it is my blanket, my hands created this Autumn Starburst and who else can say that?
Personally, I fell in love with the colors more and more as I went through the circles.
One particular shade is Lincoln, one of Stylecraft’s newest shade. It’s a creamier, lighter version of Cypress. It’s a gorgeous shade and personally this yarn will be forever in my yarnstash. In fact. I have 3 balls of Lincoln in my “shop”. Lincoln goes well will browns, purples and I even matched it up with magenta and loads of other pinks. Even Mocha would do well with this shade.


Starburst Granny Square  (There are a few Starburst patterns out there, but I used this one from Ravelry with some modifications such as added the SC border)


Stylecraft Special DK


Lincoln, Cypress, Meadow, Lime, Pistachio, Copper, Gold, Tomato, Spice, Stone, Sage, Duck Egg, Khaki, Storm Blue, Buttermilk, Denim, Mustard, Cloud Blue, Walnut.

I used 3 balls of Stone for the squares plus border and 2 balls of Copper for joining and borders all together.


Edie Eckman’s Every which way crochet border – #65 (Page 120-121)

Crochet hook: Tulip Etimo 4mm for for the circles and squares and Tulip Etimo 5mm for joining and the border. However. With a BIG H. I should have made the border with 4. The border itself turned too flappy and ruffled at some spots but not too bad that I would have had to frog it all together. So all in all it was a painstakingly beautiful border, work the extra color changes and darning of yarn of course.

Being me, there has not been any measurements taken on this blanket and I will probably not do so. But let me re-assure you guys, it is big, squishy and so warm and comforting. I will soon part ways with it in a few weeks and it’s now safely packed away until my mother in law will visit. I can’t wait to see her face once she receives it! Hopefully she will love it just as much as I loved creating it!

Before I leave you guys, I managed to catch the beautiful frost outside. Even though my knees hurt and feet were cold there were some too pretty to not get shots of the lovely weather outside!

To a sidenote, I finally caved in and setup my curtains downstairs again, it’s too cold and drafty to not have them up. I managed to get my dark blue velvet curtains up (thank you Ikea!!) and the draft is no longer existant. It is however too moody for me but it suits well with the Christmas and Winter season and my gold decorations…

I wish you all a lovely and cozy weekend,


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