Autumn is in the air

Autumn means crisp air and beautiful clear skies (most of the time).

I keep looking out of the window and the colors are cascading everywhere. Reds, oranges, yellows, and the greens just sings to my soul. It speaks Autumn and Fall to me!
Autumn has always been the best season for me. I love the lovely clear skies and the wonderful fresh air. As the leaves change outside, so does our home and us.
Cosying up on the couch with some hot tea and biscuits all huddled up watching a nice movie (or Gilmore Girls), or just having a lovely walk outside bundled up in my favourite scarves.

Today I had to snap a few pictures outside of our home just to share the lovely foliage that is going on! It was the perfect weather, and everywhere I looked there were so many beautiful things to look at. It was lovely to enjoy this blissful time and be close to nature.

I have apples in my mind.

Lately I have been having apple thoughts a lot: Apple cakes, apple pies, apple cider, the list goes on and on. Apple is my favorite fruit and the ONLY fruit I enjoy and Autumn makes me think of Applecious things.

For every day that passes by the leaves changes color and more of them float down to the ground. This season is definitely something I cherish just as much as spring. It symbolizes a beautiful change in our surroundings that we most often take for granted. Sometimes, it’s nice to just stop and have a look around and breathe.

I also managed to snap some mushrooms and they are so cute! I don’t know what they are but mushrooms just scream Autumn to me! The weather is definitely chillier, more rough and just the right cold for me to burrow myself in scarves and thicker coats.

Feelings that the colors in nature are slowly changing, awaiting for the Winter to emrace us with the cool air and grey skies with the bare branches on the trees, it makes me long for a nice fireplace to just curl up to in the evenings. We don’t have one which is a shame because I would light it every day! The smell of burnt wood chips, the crackling fire and the lovely flames. Maybe one day we can find a house with a beautiful fireplace. It’s on my wishlist in what I would like to have in a house.

  This weekend has passed by so quickly and I have been uber creative and productive with my yarn. I finished to join all the borders, start the edging and just squish, and touch my mother in law’s blanket. I have wrapped it around my shoulders, admiring the colors and just looking again as I find it amazing that after all this hard work this project is finally coming together! I will celebrate with a glass of bubbly as this was a hard and challenging feat!

This weekend is almost over and I am already drifting away to the next weekend for my next project..

Have a lovely evening,


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