Fugly Granny Squares

People always have mixed feelings about Grannies.

They are fugly sometimes, but to me they are fugly cute. And sometimes, they are just.. granny squares.

I have never ever finished or even attempted a granny square blanket like this before. It has always kept me abay somehow. I was thinking of the color changes, sewing in edges and to be honest it made me a bit intimidated. As it turns out I have a weird relationship with my own granny squares. I would see other peoples granny projects and would totally swoon and drool and just look at them for ages admiring the color choices and the hard work that went into it. Then a little glimmer of hope would shine a light on my creative frustrations of “should-I-or-should-I-not-do-or-at-least-try” jargon in my mind. Then it gets all jumbled up in my head and I give up and don’t even get started at all!

At times it’s been a color overload to look at all the shades wanting to use every.single.color of yarn in my stash. But alas, I’ve decided NOT to give up. And to simply give in. To the fugliness of the granny square blanket. I tell you, it’s a love – hate thing. I keep working on this blanket, at times my face nods approvingly at this half done project while touching the squares with my hardworking hands, straightening the squares and giving them the lovingly stare only a yarn crafter with a softy heart can do. Other times I look at those said squares with some form of weird expression on my face feeling disappointment and anxiety coming on as the-colors-do-not-really-match together and I feel like just using pink in every single square because let’s face it: A little pink goes a long way in prettiness! But the pink for me really really helps! (Didn’t know I was that fond of pink in my crafts to be honest until now!)

However fugly, or cute (you choose) how you would like to dictate your blanket’s prettiness, the endless limits of colors are just set by your own boundaries and with me, I don’t have any! There is no way I can put a stop to the amount of colors to use. I keep going upstairs to my “stash” to get more balls to add to the project, as I feel “More colors makes it even fuglier, and lovelier and just so much more better, like our house” but also because colors are so fun! Which makes this project pretty okay for me creatively as lately those yarn pegs that have been stashed away are now on my desk and being played with again. Thanks granny! The yarn is now getting a life of it’s own, just spreading across the living room!

I have a feeling this story is just not over yet, not quite.. I do however love this little project of mine. Embrace the fugly! Did I tell you this blanket was inspired by Mrs. Kim’s granny square blanket in Gilmore Girls? (Look behind Rory..)

Lots of Love,

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