Welcome, September

Happiness and joy only Sunflowers can bring

We came home to a semi-tidy house but once we started unpacking the messiness that we are so used to returned! Surprise, surprise.

This square was designed by Sandra @ Cherry Heart. You can find this design in her blog

After numerous trips back home I still have not learned my lesson that every time we visit our family, there really is no need for a ton of jeans and clothing. Most importantly, only cozy clothes should have been prioritized as that is what I use most. This should give all of y’all an idea of how are visits back home are. Relaxing.

So after unpacking for a full day and started the infinite rounds of laundry, me and W scooted our way to Tesco to get him his uniform. But alas, none of the pants they had fit. We did however manage to get some dinner ingredients for a few days and other things to stock up for the monthly expendables such as laundry detergents, our dogs dry and wet food and small little things. I managed to get my hands on some sunflowers!
Sunflowers and me have a very special relationship. Sunflowers makes me incredibly happy. This summer my Sunflowers have been very few so my heart skipped a beat when I saw these in the flower section. I grabbed a bundle and they went with me home.

This bright yellow shade of my sunflowers reminds me of the sun yellow Kauni yarn I’ve gotten for the baby blanket edging. It’s bright, it’s happy and it’s just fabulous.

Every time I walk past my dinner table I swoon and swoon over these flowers. The petals are so pretty and the flowers are so huge. I could stare at these sunflowers forever.

And to add to the happiness these flowers bring, I had to bring forth my finished Kauni blanket, just because I can! I believe the border will make this blanket even more special. For the moment I have not managed to find a nice pattern to use, I have scrolled Ravelry and Google but also skimmed through my books at home. I have to give it some time so I can settle for a nice border. For now I am not even sure if it will be a knitted or crocheted border. I think both of them would suit the blanket well!

As it was W’s first day at School today, he asked for us to cook some chicken wings.
He found some recipe in his Tasty app that he desperately wanted to try, so we went to the local butchers and got our chicken wings. They even chopped them for us and the price was cheaper than the grocery store. It’s these little things that makes me love our village, to have local services like this that keeps the community together.

These wings were not too spicy. I did find them a bit tangy. We used our faithful Frank’s hot sauce and buffalo sauce for this recipe. It turned out well. We also made 2 small baby back ribs that I smothered in my quick to make barbecue sauce. Just some ketchup, chili flakes, maple syrup, pepper and red wine vinegar that simmers for some time while we fried the wings and waited for the ribs to finish. The sauce was perfect, a bit sweet but some heat that made W ask for seconds. Both K and W had messy gooey fingers, I don’t know why but eating without cutlery can sometimes be so fun and rewarding.

On Monday the early mornings, heavy commuting and work will kick off again. I don’t want to think too much about it at this stage. There is still a lovely weekend to enjoy and to be honest, work is still super distant in my mind. I hold it off until I have to face it again. I can’t believe this Summer is now over. I can only hope that Autumn will be around the corner.

Until then, why not think back on your own Summer memories, which is your favorite?


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