Heather laminaria..

Lovely laminaria

I love heather blooms. Heathers here in Ireland are just so pretty come autumn.
The hills would be covered in it and the different shades of purple and pink would just cascade over the landscape. Me and K vowed to go back to Wicklow mountains this autumn/winter to catch this beautiful scenery so I can take lovely pictures.

Inspired by our heather blooms, I just finished my heather laminaria.
If memory serves me correct I’ve done 10 laminaria shawls over the years. It is just one of my favourite patterns to do. After all this time I’ve managed to really enjoy the pattern for what it is, a lace pattern that just sings to my heart.
This laminaria is for my mother in Law M. She is K’s stepmom. I love her, she is just as crafty as me I would even say she is in deeper than what I am haha.
M is such a lovely person through and through and I’ve gotten to know her and her creative process which to me is amazing.

A summer present

This shawl was made for her as a belated birtday gift. I never got around to finish it in time and I just felt now, a week before the wedding would be a good time to give it to her. During this project there was no real need to stop knitting it, but as it grew larger and larger and I simply had to finish it off and wet block it before it grew too big! It is almost 175 cm wide at the neck!! So it’s a hefty shawl but the drape after the wet block is soft and so flattering. I love this alpaca yarn. I tried draping it around my shoulders and it was so beautiful.

Pattern: Laminaria by Elizabeth Freeman
Yarn: Drops Alpaca in 4434 x 10

Knitting needles:
3.5 mm For star stitch pattern
4 mm For the blossom pattern
4.5 mm For the edging

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


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