Sunday knitting..

The weeks go by too fast. I blink and another week has gone. 
I wish days would go by slower. Slow knitting, slow living.

I need more sleep. The past week the lack of sleep has been affecting my day to day being and living. I have been travelling to the office a lot lately which means waking up at 5 (yikes!). So my routines are jumbled somewhat right now. In the midst of this I have this huge urge to knit and crochet so much more, there is this kinda longing to craft for me. I love this!
With this said, it feels like my body is telling me to slow down a bit. 
Ever since I started waking up at 5 my weekends have been *longer* cause I wake up earlier due to this whole “my body is adjusting” phase. 

This morning I saw a magnificent golden sunrise smothering the sky with this glow of liquid gold. At first the sky was a light cerulean blue, but as the time went by this amazing sunrise just came through and painted the sky with a yellow glow. I had to take my camera out while sipping my tea to take some pictures! The street outside was so quite and peaceful. There was this crisp, cool air that really “woke me up” as I stepped outside andsat on the patio for a while huddled and curled up in a sweater and blankie to just be.. living in the moment sipping my tea.

I love these sheer curtains so much! 
They remind me of my native fabrics back home that are full of embroideries. 

I have slowly been working through some things and currently my go to knitting project has been my third Waiting for rain shawl. This time I am knitting it up with some Malabrigo Mechita yarn in “Pearl”. It’s a lovely, hazy grey color that has some teeny variations. Streaks of ever so light gray and some small tinges of neutral white. It’s a gorgeous color. I forgot how much I love this Mechita yarn. It is such a soft and lovely yarn to knit with. I also like the fact that they are within a reasonable amount of money and within my budget. 

Look at this beauty! *yarnswoon*
Just another one, I promise that this yarn does not only look soft. It is so so soft. 
Do you love candle lights in an Autumn evening just as much as I do?
I live for those evenings!

Now, off to the couch to keep relaxing and just let the dishes and chores take a rest today (until this evening at least) while my hands knit away..

Lots of love,