Sweet summer

This is my favorite song of the week:

Khruangbin – People Everywhere (Still alive)

Lately I’ve been listening to some pretty different music, music I forgot I loved way back when, music I never thought I’d find again over the years.. Thanks to some boring hours one evening I pinned, created new and fresh playlists with some music I just recently discovered in Spotify.  I love playlists! I might just start sharing some of my favorite music on here, cause to be honest, one needs music in ones life! Don’t know bout you guys, but this is what keeps me going at times, when I need to be creative or for example editing photos, writing or cooking food. Music is a bit like travelling for me, one can never travel too much, or too far! There is always something to find and discover.

I hope you all have had a lovely weekend! We got a rainy weekend here in Ireland, and to be honest it was so longed for! The grass is finally greener, the heat is not too hot, the ice cream is however still as sweet as ever, food tastes just as Summery as it did before even after the rain.  I am counting the days for my days off from work, one week all by myself with the little monster (or dogo of course) and one week off together with K, W to explore Southern Ireland. August can’t come sooner and my holidays are eagerly anticipated. A lot of knitty and hooky time, a lot of bbq, a lot of watching movies, catching up with penpals and friends.. having quality time with my darlings. How I’ve missed my little munchkin W, soon he will be back with us after an extended Summer holiday back home with family. This year we have diverted from our usual Norway family trip, and decided to stay home as our annual leave for us this year got booked so late. As September is school start for W there is no way we could have winged it later.

I have enjoyed being back home after our short stay in Kinvarra, in our own home and our own place, my own couch, and of course all my yarn! Yarn squishing is one of my all time favorite things to do when creative boredom is present. Never would I have thought I would be such a rooted person, such a homebody as I am now than a few years ago! It’s lovely to have a home to call one’s own. With being back, also has the slow knitting. Without any thoughts on other projects, other creative things, I’ve been just enjoying every single stitch, every time spent with my lovely lantern shawl.. Some times I get so caught up that I forget how much I do L.O.V.E this hobby.

During this shawl journey I’ve stopped, touched the yarn extra much.. just looking at my stitches, observing the details of the loops and stitches.. and just enjoyed a very slow way of crafting. Also, because even if I knitted double stranded, this Malabrigo lace yarn turned out so incredibly soft once I carefully blocked the shawl with sprayed on water.
This yarn has amazing stitch definition and is extremely drapey. I can imagine creating a tunic with this lovely yarn. And the colors!! Don’t even get me started on the range of colors you can get with this yarn, there is everything really.. from muted to bold colorways.

Project details:

Pattern: Lanterns by Sylvia McFadden (Aka Softsweaterknits)
Yarn: Malabrigo Lace in Sunset x 5 skeins
Needles: ADDI circular needles 80cm, 3.25 mm


I did not bind off as the pattern suggested, I did a loose slip stitch bind off.
Also, instead of completely soaking the shawl in water I actually sprayed it with water while stretching out the pattern. This worked really well, it took shape pretty okay and dried so much faster than when completely wet blocking. I do have to say I prefer this way of blocking a shawl, less hassle! Will probably keep on using this method going forward on upcoming shawl projects.

This projects was such a fun one to make, I did enjoy it so much and the blocking did it’s magic, as usual with lacy knitting. What have you guys been up to lately?

Wishing you all the loveliest Monday, off to do some cooking!

Lots of love,