I have loved the sunshine that has graced us for the past months. I’ve been outside on our patio a lot, tending our lovely flowers, enjoying the morning sun for breakfast and the evening sun for dinner. I do not like scorching heat but I love the sun! It nourishes me and my soul deeply. Sunshine makes me happy. Sunshine is Summer.

While the sun and heat has been pretty awesome to have, unfortunately the sun has been to warm, scorching our lawn and trees. Yes, it’s been really warm. To add to that we’ve had some shortages of water and limits have been put as to if one is allowed to water the lawns and grass. We’ve had a few splashes of rain which was a welcome change, but it was not enough to quench the grass and it remains.. dry, brittle and burnt.

Fittingly enough my WIP is just the color of sunshine, or even a golden sunset. It’s the Lanterns pattern from Softsweater Knits. Softsweater also designed the Waiting for rain shawl that I just finished recently. She is one amazing designer!
The yarn I chose was so fitting for this design. It’s a deep, golden yellow almost bordering to an orange. It has streaks of lemon and some burnt gold in the colorway and it’s just such a lovely shade. It’s definitely worth some yarn swoon and adoration.

I don’t know about you guys but when Summertime comes along in our little home I tend to grab more colorful yarns to work with either if it’s crochet or knitting. The cheerful and striking colors just tends to hold my attention much more during these months and to add to that, it makes me very happy and cheerful.  It’s funny to think how ones taste and colors change after the seasons, I am defo one of those people that just don’t have one favorite color, I have a million of them! And they are all in different categories depending on the season and of course my mood.

A few weeks ago I got some birthday money (yes, I turned 36 last weekend!) and I splurged on some lovely wool (like a yarn groupie should do). Funnily enough most of the yarns I got were muted grays, blues and some purples and taupes. The time when I ordered the yarn I wasn’t doing to well, I guess I had a little moody dip and looking at my yarn trolley now fully stuffed with these lovelies I still wonder what went on in my head when I got these yarns. Either way, I have been a constant Malabrigo phase, all my knitting yarns are Malabrigo at the moment and the skeins I’ve got are totally squish worthy, yarn drooly and just utterly and simply beautiful.

The only Malabrigo yarn I’ve struggled working with is the lace yarn. It’s soooo thin!
So when I chose the yarn for this project I wanted this particular shade but as the Mechita and Rastita range didn’t carry “Sunset”, I chose to knit this with the lace yarn but with double strands. Lately, I’ve been somewhat a slow knitter and purely just enjoying every stitch, every streak of color and every row I finish so this will be taking some time. I have a hard time starting something new before I get past this “slow” phase. I need to finish a project before I jump on to the next thing. How do you work your projects?

I don’t mind being slow, it’s a nice change.

Lots of love,