Summer heatwave

I am slowly melting away in this summer sun. So I thought I’d just share some pictures of the Touchstone shawl that i finished over the weekend.

This past weekend I spent outside with the family, but I have to say it’s been almost too hot to stay outdoors for longer periods of time. My husband have been nice enough and prepared loads of ice coffee for me yesterday which was gladly appreciated while my legs were getting some needed vitamin D (my legs haven’t seen sunlight in years) and of course a tan to match my brown arms. I am not a vain person, but if there is something I do not like is white legs and tanned arms. It looks really, really weird.

So while getting some tan and slurping ice coffee I was from time to time knitting this lovely Touchstone shawl, and also I was listening to my latest Audible find, Anna Karenina. This audio book is narrated by Maggie Gyllenhaal and she narrates this masterpiece amazingly well. It’s surprisingly good to be honest.  Lately I have been struggling to physically read, so I thought I’d give Audible a go. If you haven’t done so yet, do give it a look. There are loads of fantastic audio books there to be discovered.

So going back to this lovely little shawl, as normally I love to kit over sized shawls and this one is not an exception to my little rule!

Here are the deets:

Pattern: Touchstone by Laura Aylor (Aka. Fogbound Knits)
Yarn: Malabrigo Arroyo – 2x Pocion, 1x Prussia Blue
Needles: ADDI fixed circular needles 3.25 (Yes! Pretty thin I know)

Right now, I am too slow and my mind is a bit in a jumble in this heat to express anything more than panting and hiding in the shade, but will try to write something later this week… if I feel any better..

Lots of love and SPF,