It was a lovely, but busy weekend for our little family this past week. Lovely and fun to see my mom again with her partner, also to just venture out and about in Dublin again.

We made a visit to the Natural History Museum (Which is getting a well needed revamp by the way!). That museum never ceases to amaze me. Darling W just loves to wander about here, looking at the creepy crawlies, the big animals and just totting about. We made our way down to the heart of Dublin, had some lovely Japanese food at Yamamori of course and just enjoyed each other’s company. But we did have some time to look around and have stroll in our local area too.

Around this time of the year it is so lovely to just take all the surroundings in. Ireland have been sweltering in the hot summer sun (can you actually believe it?) and flowers and trees are in full bloom. Today was actually the first day that it was overcast for weeks and we even got a small splash of rain. Never would I have thought that I would say this but it was well needed. Our poor little patch of grass is almost dead due to the heat! Needless to say, Summer is finally here 🙂

Lately, I am not really sure what happened but I do think that the knitting bug really bit me hard. It’s funny to think about it but lately all I can think about is what knit to do next. Ravelry have been my main go to place for inspiration and my little Ravelry queue is filling up. It’s so fun to feel this creative and nourished and also to become this inspired. It’s like a spark that ignites the creativity, it feeds the longing of just keeping on crafting. I always get this sense of sadness and accomplishment for every project that comes to an end.  The sadness is because a story is coming to it’s end. But the accomplishment is because for every stitch, pattern and design I learn the more confident I become and this hunger to keep on doing this just grows.

Let me tell you all, the Authenticity shawl was a quick knit. The stitches just kinda flew of the needles, the pattern was smooth and easy to remember. Also with a thicker yarn the gratification was almost instant. Thinking about it now I find working with aran yarn is lovely because the shawls turn out so much bigger, squishier and just plainly awesome. Also, this shawl grew waaay too big as I just didn’t want it to ever end. But looking at it now, I wouldn’t want to have had it any other way, who wouldn’t want a lovely, over sized shawl? (Insert giddy laughter here!)

Here are some deets:

Pattern: Authenticity by Sylvia McFadden (Aka Softsweater Knits)
Yarn: Cascade 220 in Mineral Red (Shade 8035) Discontinued 🙁
Needles: Addi 5.5 mm fixed circular needles 100 cm length.

Oh, I managed to buy 2 more patterns from Softsweater Knits! I am so excited and my fingers are eagerly itching for a new project to dig my hands into.. I couldn’t help it. They were all so pretty! It is a bit funny that I do this kinda knits around Summer time, but what can a girl do? The yarn is calling her name..

Lots of love,