Big things happened over the weekend.

2018 Irish referendum to repeal the 8th won with a landslide. I was so happy to see that a change is to take place. Unfortunately I could not vote myself. But if I could I would have. I feel this is a good sign of things changing in Ireland.

Also, I managed to finally finish my Wildflower granny blanket. It’s not so “Molly Ringwald” anymore. With the denim yarn framing the squares, I feel that right now it’s more a free spirited blanket. Who does not love a wild flower bouquet?

I am happy I did not choose to use any solid granny squares in between. For a while there were some experimenting with doing just that. But to be honest it would have been too much at this stage. Especially with the denim yarn.

I just simply love these colors together. It ended up so pretty and so chuffed it turned out so well and looked balanced in this blanket. The muted raspberry pink with the soft vintage peach still gives this blanket a feminine touch. The denim balances this out pretty well. This blanket feels like home.

As every creative journey I do feel that another story is over. It’s sad. I cleared off my yarn trolley today and just have some new yarns for another project I will be working on. Cluttered spaces drives me crazy! But to be honest I don’t think I will be doing any blankets in a while. I have some knitting projects lined up, one is already out for blocking on mats. It was a little something to do in between this blanket. With grannies unfortunately it can get a bit tedious and repetitive. When I have those days I’ve worked on my knitted shawl instead.
Knitting a lace shawl was such a nice change. As a part of my new years resolutions I wanted to get knitting more. I do enjoy it so much and there are a few things that I have been eyeing. Also, to work with more natural fabrics. It was such a long time ago I put my hands on some natural fiber goodies.

I do love my wildflower.

Here are some deets on this pattern:

Pattern: Modified Granny Square – My own modified pattern for a “tighter” square.
If you would like for me to post my modified pattern let me know!
Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK in pale rose, gold, raspberry, stone, sage and lincoln. Denim was used for joining the squares and also for the borders.
Border: I used a simple granny border. Still contemplating a gold lace border to add to it but just not sure yet. What do you guys think?

I know my creative journey is well on it’s way and hopefully soon I’ll find some more colors and projects to fall in love with again.

Have a wonderful Sunday,