More solid grannies

I am just loving how these squares are turning out. Internally I am screaming of happiness to have embarked on this little yarn escapade.  The stacks are growing now, and I just love the colors too.  Vibrant but soft and yet still reminiscent of the flowers of spring. It feels like the days are getting lighter too!

As we are almost finished with our declutter challenge the house is still not cleaned properly (I managed to clear out the cupboards and cabinets today, woop!) And the final bits in our 2 small storage cabinets have been fixed and organized, the major cleaning will take place tomorrow evening! We are having a belated B-day dinner for K on Thursday and then he is flying off to Brussels for a nerd party on Friday (Hello, Fosdem).

But back to the squares…I was playing around with them recently and the color combos are just limitless! I can almost place these squares where ever it suits and it still looks good! Loving this pattern so far as it’s so effortless and still looks so cozy and squishy.

I have not yet figured out how big it will be, but I have to say these squares are so fun that I think I’ll make a full sized blanket. While I am waiting for the “tomato” shade to be restocked in my favorite yarn store I’ll just have to settle with the other colors right now. Can you see the vintage peach square to the left? Don’t you just love that creamy peach border?  It’s total yarn swoon on my end right now as I am admiring these pictures.

What projects are you working on lately?

Lots of love,

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