A Springtime Starburst journey

I can’t believe that January is almost over, February is closing in faster than expected in our house. The past few weeks our home has been quite the messy little abode, luckily since we are almost done with our declutter project for January things will straighten itself out a bit hopefully. In the meantime however I’ve had this guilty pleasure of creating little whirly circles of colors.

I remember when I started my Autumn Starburst blanket last year. That was INSANE. There was minimal planning involved, a lot hair pulling and cries of desperation as the colors and squares did not add up. A lot of sleepless nights and of course a lot of chocolate was also a part of the “Game of Yarn” as I like to call it. I remember that I felt many times that giving up would be easier but somehow the blanket came through. Looking back at all the craziness, it was a learning experience for me.

So of course this girl just HAD to try another time. To brave the epic adventure of the Starburst Granny! This time with “my” colors that are just so amazingly gorgeous!
So, 209 whirly circles later I am faced with a bit of the same dilemma as last time: I can’t use the same color combos twice, and definitely not the same shades together in the same order more than once. This is a crazy challenge! But. I figured that even if I do not use all the 209 circles I got some “spares” should an emergency happen. What kind of emergency you might ask.. you tell me, cause I just made that up. Ha.

So as I started this adventure there was this need to avoid past mistakes. This time around there will be a join-as-you-go method in place of actually putting these babies together. Also as it’s a j-a-y-g I will not add a joining border around the starbursts. I am not fretting this bit anymore this as I first toyed with the idea of the squares being “borderless”. When I decided for this joining method I felt it might actually take away some of that cuteness.  Instead, I will just add a lovely lacy border to the blanket when it is finished. That will be the crowning centerpiece of this project. For years there has been some Pinterest swooning on my end over lacy crochet borders on blankets. I have decided this project needs one border just like that.

But for now, these little whirly whirls are still small little buttons, waiting for their colors of spring. This blanket will take it’s time and to be honest that is alright. I like the idea of these small little circles of colors growing to something more like lush springtime blossoms. It will be a project I do while anticipating Spring.

Hopefully soon we’ll see some lighter days and beautiful sunny mornings to keep us inspired. ..

Until next time,