Solid Granny Squares

Now with 2018 all settled in and a lot of my projects are taking shape I figured it was time to share with you all what I have been up to in my little, but extremely messy house. In the midst of our January declutter challenge we have failed at keeping our home as tidy as it normally is. So right now it looks pretty chaotic at home. No fret though, this weekend will be in the spirit of cleaning, decluttering more and definitely tidying up. As a positive side effect of our decluttering journey we’ve gotten more space in our storage areas and that is a nice thing! We intend to keep it spacious and not refill it back up, the goal here folks is to stay decluttered for some time to come.

Back to the fun stuff, so what have I been up to?
In lack for some inspiration for my next blanket I decided to skim through the different crochet books I had at home and I discovered this excellent pattern. I would like to call it a solid granny square. For a long time now I’ve really longed to do a project like this. None the less I never found the right or appealing stitch pattern until I found it on page 96 in Jan Eaton’s book 200 Crochet blocks for blankets, throws and afghans.
As I already had an enormous mountain of yarn balls in the living room as I started both my temperature blanket, a ripple blanket and a starburst granny blanket, why not start another one, might as well as I am all for being super efficient and creative. Last thing I knew I had 12 solid granny block squares.. for the joy. This pattern gave me the #feels!

I like how versatile this pattern is as the color choices seems to endless and after a few squares the pattern sticks to your memory like a post it note so you run on autopilot after some time. This means perfect TV-Crochet Project! I’ve recently also caught up with the Heartland TV series so it was awesome to be able to do these squares as I watched some TV. This beautiful project is also getting a life of its own. At this stage I am so used to it as once I’ve started something so random like this it just keeps on going until I’ve finished the entire thing! To be honest when the colors are this pretty it’s hard not to love and enjoy your work extra much.

I’ve tried to stick with similar colors as my Neat Vintage Ripple pattern. I’ve added tomato, violet, denim and boysenberry but quickly chucked out the latter as it didn’t fit the other colors I already had. As always, lincoln and vintage peach still makes my heart skip a beat and gives me some serious yarn love. Love love LOVE those shades.
You know that feeling when you just see a color and you just instantly know, this color will stay with you forever. THAT feeling!

As my color journey is slowly growing on me and my family I’ve realized how much I love color. There is no such thing for me as “neutral” anymore although I am still fond of the Scandinavian styles and colors that usually is something that is strongly tied to me.
I feel as now is the time to have more color in my life, to lift my spirits up and to just not be scared of having these colors in my home. It probably sounds really weird to alot of people but to me it will take some getting used to. None the less I have decided to keep myself steadfast on this road to keep exploring, discovering new colors and just embracing this new found love I have in my home.

Lots of love,