Happy New Year!

We can finally welcome 2018 with open arms! Yay for a New Year!

As I have been pretty much sleepless tonight, keeping both W and K company and further on had a really quiet evening I just decided to write the first post for 2018.

I have for quite some time wanted to at least live more frugally and really monitor my spending better, which have been going okay the past 8 or so months. I have taken baby steps and it will continue to happen in a small scale for me. I don’t do well to change at all! As a yarn hoarder however I can’t give my squishy balls up and this is just something K and myself have to live with, as much as I have to live with K’s over-cluttered desk with tech stuff. I can easily give up my daily coffees out, my lunches at work, clothes and makeup for my hobby and only have that expenditure easily! My own commitment to myself is to keep using yarn from my stash until there is a genuine need to actually get more (f.ex if I run out of a certain colour, swatching etc).

Now, I don’t really mind physical clutter per say however it has been nagging my head that we have a closet full of things we have not used for at least 3 years or more and this is something that needs to be handled as Olivia Pope would say (Go Scandal!). It is just a shame that some things we have can’t or won’t come to more use anytime soon and so I decided to be the wife of the house and take charge of this whole situation!

So in regards to that I have challenged myself and K to do a January declutter challenge. Now, remember folks this is only for January month and to be honest it is with some hesitation and fear that we are embarking on this decluttering journey! As for the challenge goes it is just a about removing 1 thing that doesn’t suit a need or use for us anymore by January 1st. January 2nd we are to remove two things. January 3rd we are to remove 3 things. Now. Picture January 30th? This is something that drives me mad thinking about!  However a bit worried about this process and also a bit concerned as K is defo not into this kinda thing; His face went a bit pale and then turned a bit frownish when I explained the whole challenge concept. When he heard declutter there was a look of “why are we gonna start doing this?” on his face. He had the fear in his eyes, the fear of facing our closet and finally physically have to do something about this random pile of stuff we seem to be really not need anymore. Someone else might have use for these things so we actually should give them away. Like too-small clothing from W that would suit a five year old… old books, dvd’s etc that has been stored away. Really old magazines, weird things (like some random knick knacks in a small box etc).

I am so happy my family will embark on this journey however I do not think this will be easy but in the long run this will definitely help us be more mindful about how and what we consume for the coming years and hopefully be able to live more simply. Weirdly enough just writing that feels really uplifting.