One more dance

Lately, I’ve been missing my dad a lot. Usually I think of him every day, some days more and some days less. It comes and goes in cycles where sometimes it just feels a bit more intense, and some other days I don’t get super emotional about it. I think it also depends on the seasons. Some people say that the pain of losing someone and missing them will not feel as strong after a while. For me, it still feels like yesterday when I lost him. Whenever I have my periods with very intense emotions, I take to the needles (my crochet needles of course) or do some art.

I’ve done the last dance on the beach a few times already so I am very familiar with the different squares and also assembling it. This blanket is just so beautiful that I felt it was time to have my own. I have chosen similar colors to the “Dance in the rain” color way with a few tweaks. I waited until it felt right to make my own Dance blanket and to be honest it is amazing I haven’t grown tired of making this blanket, it is even surprising to me!

When I see the squares they have become symbols of happy family memories for me, for every single one I’ve made so far. And I guess that is why this project have been a bit hard to put down.
Until next time,