Autumn blossoms

My little project trolley has become quite the skilled holder of all yarn the past few weeks. I can’t believe there is barely 2 months left for Christmas! As the year is quietly and slowly drawing to it’s end.. I feel a lot of finishes are coming to a close as well. However, going back to my project trolley it has become a bit of a hoarding trolley instead! So many shades and projects and only 3 stashing areas so I had to wing it and created a little tower! A squishy, soft and lovely tower of yarn!

As days are going by, workdays end and the household chores are finishing up for the evening, I have been spared little or no time for crafting. I’ve been lucky finding solace in the smallest of opportunities for some hooky time, like my commute on the train, up in bed before I am going to sleep.. I’ve even waited in line with my crochet in tow! People would curiously look to see what myself would be up to and to be honest.. I get this sense of pride whenever I display my crafting skills in public, lol!

As the “Game of Yarn” as I would love to call my blanket project is finally taking shape, luckily I’ve managed to structure the amounts better so I know how many squares I need to finish to complete this HUGE project. It’s oh so pretty. The colors make my heart sing!

It is turning out to be 13 x 9 squares for the perfect length and width. I will finish it with some border, which I have not decided yet. It is a bit big but to be honest, we like big blankets!

Evenings are so dark now and we’ve had a few chilly evenings here in our house. We have finally turned the heating on which we usually don’t do until early December. We are such a lucky family to live in a place that is I guess well isolated enough so we can live off the heating generated from our neighbors! This is where I smile, giggle a bit and know we saved a few quid on that! I do open all the bedroom windows before bedtime while preparing to go to bed as that “fresh” feeling is unbeatable after a cool airing at night. Kiddo loves it, I love it and hubby loves it.

Until we meet again,