Starburst journey..

The colors and the big blanket also named Yarnosaurus Rex.

During these past weeks I’ve started more crochet projects and one of them I will share with you today! It’s nothing much you might think, but for me this is pretty. DARN. big.

I love my big blankets and for me it’s about the entire process of choosing the colors, the pattern and the road to the finished squishy goodness.
I’ve been intimidated by the multiple-color-changing-so-darn-many-threads-to-keep-track-of granny squares but this time, this time I couldn’t help myself!
These kind of blankets are so swoon worthy and people that can cope with that kind of projects have my respect. It’s just so cool as some of these blankets get a life of its own.

So there I was one afternoon, sitting in our couch rewatching Gilmore Girls (of course), playing around with the yarn pegs, saw the color combination flourishing in my head and I was lost. Lost in the world of the endless color choosing potential, eye candy popping squishy goodness.

This specific blanky will be a gift to my mother in law. It has her colors and to be honest I love the different shades. It feels this project turned out to be bigger than expected, but since when have I said “WAIT-HOLD-STOP, LET’S NOT TAKE THIS ON”. This is a serious challenge folks. So far the color changes have been a lot and I darn all the ends as I go because to be frank, who feels like darning 50000 ends at the end of this blanket? I thought so too, not very fun thank you very much!

I am letting this project take it’s time

I am so pleased with the progress thus far, but it’s become a bit of a project that is on the works for a day or two, intensively crocheting away, imagining the upcoming colors to be used in my head, but then it has to be put away on my desk for a few days and so on. I don’t mind. All projects have their time and creative energy and it’s important to be in the moment for the right kind of project, don’t you? It’s steadily growing, my tower of soft yummy squares. It just screams Autumn to me!

I do however think I overdid it with the amount of squares, to such an extent I haven’t even made any counts of how much of any color I’ve done. It’s been a frantic work of just crocheting as when I am in the creative rhythm I can’t put it away so I hook, and hook.. and hook. I even think these squares will be enough for a bigger blanket (think king size bed). I only have the border left, Stylecraft Special DK in “Stone”.  My infatuation with this yarn has not been subsiding. The colors are to die for and the quality is just impeccable. For this project I am using my Tulip Etimo hook size 4 mm.

For the past few weeks I’ve been oogling, drooling and swooning over so many projects I want to start but I’ve been a good girl and only started a few that I know I can cope with until Christmas. My head is spinning in this creative bubble as there is only so much my hands can do and time to be spared right now. I am happy I am not in a creative drought and actually feel there are so many things I would like to crochet and knit right now that I wish it was something that I can do all day sometimes. Soon I will be sharing my crafting goals for 2018 as I will start preparing and try to put more effort in to creating my own designs. Lately it’s been inspiring seeing all these creative people putting themselves out there, sharing their creations for others to take part of in our crafting community.