Autumn rain

I just couldn’t help it folks, Autumn is here and it was time to get the candles out! Just as the heavens opened up and brought the rain, the skies were cloudy gray. It was still light out, but the weather just called for some cozy time at home.

This weekend I finished my pretty crochet candle holders. I saved up 2 large mason jars and had two spare IKEA vases and to crochet some sleeves for them was easy peasy and they were done in a jiffy. All though effortless the final result looks like a million bucks!

I used Scheepjes Softfun for this these sleeves, and they are crochet tight before putting them on. It was a trial and effort getting the patterns looking nice stretched out. It’s a beautiful soft ecru shade, also two gray shades that looks nice with the sofa cushions and the walls and it just feels like it goes together. All these little sweeties are making my coffee table a bit more prettier and made my day definitely brighter!

Even our dog has been having a totally lazy day. Just look at him, what’s not to love about our O? Usually always lazy but today, just a teeny bit more lol.

As the rain was pouring down all day today it was a great chance to take care of my succulents. I’ve had them for years, almost 6 years. They were only small sproutlings when I got them and they were so small and tiny. I’ve now started to try and figure out how to take more sproutlings to grow more of them. I’ve grown attached to my plants, they have survived my brutal hands!

I have started a starburst granny square project, and I can’t wait to start sharing my progress with you guys. It’s a beaut!