Last Summer days

Sweet summer memories

Yesterday, we decided to go back to “Båthuset” to enjoy one of the last sunsets in Norway this time around. The past week has been so good to us with sunny and bright days and really fun late summer evenings and nights.

M and W decided to go for a swim. It was lovely. The air was still fairly warm and the skies turned a bit darker as we walked down the path to the boathouse. I was not sure the photos might not turn out very good due to the light but in a whim I decided to bring my camera. Lucky me for doing it, as I have never seen such a beautiful sunset!

I could see my brother was a bit cold, it wasn’t the warmest of evenings. But it was so nice to see him relax and smile as he stood by the waterside preparing to jump into the water.

I saw the pictures turned a bit grainy as I was looking through some of the images, but I feel now it suited the moment I have managed to capture.

Leaving this sweet place for home

We are leaving tomorrow morning. All of our guests have left the house, a house that has brought so much love and friends, family together the past week. I will miss the late nights at the patio, enjoying the talks, hearing the laughs and the stories that were shared, the funny, good, awesome and just plain wholesome ones that brought smiles to all our faces. This was a very special time, with special people and I think these memories will be here for some time to come.

Cheers to life, love and summer time.

Lots of Love,